i have seen, heard, and learned about so many things through my pair of glasses. i would ask myself at times what item i couldn’t live without. it wouldn’t be my mobile phone or anything that is materially possessed. i stick to my spectacles no matter what happens because i see through them, and through them i live, i exist, and i become part of society.

this blog is my platform of expression, opinion, ideals, principles, and reflection. i ponder upon the events in society, the lives of people, the trends mainstreaming, the changes that occur, the ideas i want to share, and myself being part of a whole with a good participation in the entire social process.

this, i must say, is a social blog, nothing much like the tangible, but rather what is humanly interactive, dynamic, and engaging. i don’t aim for editorial or the likes of the magazines. i go for socially mainstreaming my thoughts in the goal of simply having something to say to what is unfolding, unveiling.

i don’t want to conceal what my mind has to think and leave it fading without gusto to revive.

this is my blog, and i lay everything i see.




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