Big Talks mean Deeper Talks

They say small talks are the way to breaking the ice with a stranger. Topics range from movies to songs, from food to anything under the sun. Questions are easily answered with information readily available.

Recently, I saw this video on Youtube about a bigger scale than the simplistic small talk. Big Talk has gained popularity because of its thought-provoking, introspective questions that pushed people to think within. Questions at times give people chills. Most often, they are caught off guard as these questions are out of the ordinary.


I definitely like big talks. Existential and deep thinking bring me into a different world outside the mundane and usual. I simply find so much pleasure in it as this makes me ponder on the less sought ideas in life. But what pushes me back from asking these questions are the receptivity of people. There is no interest at all. Asking these questions entail drinking and partying for some reason.

People, especially Filipinos, don’t ponder into these abstract, deep, and non-pragmatic discussions. They are often led to less trivial and more obvious things in their everyday lives. Probably, it has something to do with the social climate and culture. People are often motivated by the idea of finding a living more than just living a life and finding joy in it essentially.

What are Big Talks?

These are often started by deep questions about life, dreams, work, people, self, and many more. What these do is make people think beyond the superficial and mundane. It’s not as simple as asking what one’s favorite color is. It’s more of finding the answer within oneself.


Why make big talks and not chitchats?

It isn’t just about asking the most trivial of things. It’s mainly connecting people and letting them delve into it more. Surfaced connections don’t sustain along the way. Big talks make this happen. Often times, people may find the right person in the most random event in their lives. But more than just finding that person, it’s more of connecting people from different walks of life, from different places.


How to start this?

It’s not like we should ask random strangers in the streets. It’s more of getting that opportunity, while probably sitting on a bench, and a conversation seems to get ignited. Throw questions that are not too structured. Ask questions that just pop into your head that is rooted in interest.

I recently found this mobile application called BIG TALK. As I open it, I get to swipe my smart phone screen to the left, and a question is generated. I basically use this application for two things: letting my mind wander and work even before I sleep, or once a wake up, and developing my ability to articulate my ideas better. But by practicing, I get to communicate better with people. I recommend this application for those searching for their own purposes in life, but more so to those who’d like to connect and reconnect with people especially in this technology-infested time.


Small talks are sought for when it comes to quick conversations that are essential in the performance of say, a job. But big talks further connect people because it isn’t about the act of just asking questions; it’s more of genuinely connecting with them. The beauty in these remains in the heartfelt and authentic experience of deeply talking and sharing with people, even strangers.



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