A Collection of Serendipity

I don’t want to write for the sake of posting on my blog. When I just feel dead of emotions to write anything, I just couldn’t fathom the whereabouts of what I would like to say.

Writing is a process, an experience. How fast it could be to just send an email to a colleague, or to design my training module. But to tell a story out of a human experience isn’t that easy. There is no quick fix to it. No technical can aid this. No rule books can supplement this. Writing is a personal, human gift, rooted from a deep, intuitive journey.

And so, in the absence of my fair share of genuine human experience, I would like to look past what ought to be was born out of serendipity – my liking for photography. I thought it was just a matter of mastering the rule of thirds, and getting into the technical aspects of taking photos. But it just gave me chills when photos that ought to mean just practice shots, turned out to be a masterpiece. I still can’t grapple my gift for capturing human experience, emotion, and thinking. But I think I have it. It’s not the regularity of capturing every moment that will make me ascertain my acumen for capturing. It’s intuition that brings me toward that connection.

With this, I would like to share some of my shots years ago.


The neophyte in me led me to certain shots that sufficiently captured momentous gazes.


At times, the passing of time brought me the a story carrier, traversing life events.


Details and props don’t matter even when things go planned. The streak of opportunity just unfolds everything.


Even in my eyes of innocence…


I see not fear, but the energy to just try everything, because I will definitely capture that human emotion.


Not that things go staged. It’s what forms to be a representation of human dream and aspiration that led me to this.


And tomorrow, I shall find inspiration in the day-to-day human experience and living.


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