Century Park Hotel Manila | Public Pool

Staycation in the metro has clearly been popular these days. One reason is that new hotels have burgeoned in the city, and promos have spread here and there. Secondly, not everyone has much time to travel out of town to relax. Traffic has always been hell, and these hotels have become the haven for relaxation without spending time. An overnight stay at a hotel can suffice for a hard week’s work.

But with the advent of changes in the workplace, lifestyle, and priorities, at times, there is just the need to stay at a certain place for relaxation for less than a day. With the fast-paced lifestyle, there are some who would opt for a shorter, yet equally relaxing kind of -cation experience. An overnight stay isn’t necessarily the norm.

And so my friend and I opted for a daycation, which may be just a visit to a nearby SPA, a cool massage parlor, or probably a decent public pool.

Century Park Hotel Manila opens its pool to the public with just a 450-peso fee for the entire day. Located just at the corner of Pablo Ocampo and Adriatico, Malate, Manila, this hotel has the essential amenities for the go-getters and those who just opt to stay for a short while to take a plunge. Summer has pushed us to our very limits, and we just ended up wading in the pool and enjoying a half-day swim.



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