Moving Ahead: Things to give up

Change, they say is inevitable. In fact, it’s the only thing that is constant. Although most people treat change as one that is just mundane, none of them realize the importance of the process.

Just recently, I have come to realize that moving to a different company and a career path that I have always dreamt of entails sacrifice and costs. It won’t be that easy to just move along and face a new path. There will always be things that should be given up.

The following were the things I have given up for me to move along and see what is beyond the fence.


  1. Comforts of the benefits in the status quo. It is true that we often confine ourselves within the comforts of the current situation. In a company, an employee often receives certain benefits for health or insurance. These things make people stay in the company. Yes, I have been witness to some health program benefits that company offers, but this was one thing I gave up to see what could actually be ahead. It was difficult to just let this go as this had benefitted my mom specifically, but this was a bargain I was willing to take and responsibility to take on.
  2. Friends and colleagues. I have always valued the people around me in the workplace. I have established good relationships with them. But as one matures, relationships often are not confined in the workplace. These can be take out of work. And it was something I wasn’t even worried letting go, I mean, meeting these people on a daily basis. I may still meet them, but meeting other people will probably make me a better person.
  3. Daily tasks. I have mastered my daily routine and tasks given that I have stayed long enough in the company. Letting go of the things that make me tick and great in what I am doing for the longest time will move me forward to more learning and dynamic experience. One cannot just stay in one place forever.
  4. Transportation and residence. The comfort of taking the company transport has always been one of the thing I valued while working. This couldn’t get any more convenient. But breathing out of this area and experiencing public transportation like any other makes me feel more human and real in what I am doing. The discomfort in traffic and the influx of people in the train will make well adjusted to the reality of travel and work.
  5. Reputation and workplace identity. I always take into consideration the image and name I have established in a company. At times, it may seem taunting to start from scratch and build this identity all over again. But this is more of building a better me in a new setting, more assertive and wise this time.


Change may come often in a lifetime, but letting go is the process that will make the person better. It will never be easy, but time is key in everything.

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