The Art of Optimism

If there is one learning I got this year, it’s the flare for keeping things positive, light, and bound with hope. It’s not that I got tragedy in my face, but it’s the fact that I somehow, naturally learned that way to turn things around despite how messed-up they are.


They say that it take personality to overcome situations, no matter how heavy and dreadful they are. They say that people with personality B often takes things lightly with no sense of worry on them. In connection to this, grit and resiliency are both psychological constructs that have try to explain this. Studies have shown that these constructs explain the reason people go through. High scores in them lead to survival and better coping strategies especially during tragic moments in life. They also say that people with lower scores in neuroticism often lead a happy life.

In my attempts to understand myself and how I have dealt with  so many things in this year, I have concluded that becoming resilient and positive need not be explained by scientific procedures. It’s a matter of easing my way through all the frustrations and dismay. Fact of the better is, although my personality and sense of resiliency may come into play, this sense of optimism is more sense-based, a gut-feel more or less. In just one instance, I just switched to that particular thinking and feeling, and I was able to make things better.


Here are 3 of the ways I think will help everyone in establishing this ability to turn things around:

  1. Positive rebuttals – this can be said to an individual driving negativity in the group or to oneself. This can be a sense of rationalization, or sweet-lemoning. But stating the opposite by looking on the brighter side, just by looking at the nice things that happened, things will turn out great. You go against the negative statements by means of repackaging everything into a whole new arguments of positivity.
  2. Nice words – some times, a word that we often associate to a nice experience or picture makes all the difference. By using a term that exactly opposes the negative one will change things around. Hopeless can be countered with the word constructive, frustrating with the word non-lasting, and the word toxic with the word competitive. 
  3. Spreading the good – talking to people and just simply infesting them with good things will definitely go a mile. It shouldn’t just fall on you. It has to given out to people. By keeping the mood happy, controlled, and fun, things won’t get worse. By letting people have the positive mindset, things will definitely turn around.

In a demanding workplace with a boss that may not understand what you are going through, or a situation wherein you failed, there is no reason to dwell in the bad. I guess it’s good to treat every situation in life as a fairy tale. This bad will end, the good will prevail, and a happy ending will last.


Photo credit: [featured photo – Goodthink Inc.tohshi.blog61.fc2.comOcean of Possibilities]


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