Tick Tick Boom – for the 30-Something Audience

I consider myself a child of the theater. Theater has brought me to tears, especially the musicals. Most people consider plays or musicals as mere artsy entertainment, but in reality, it’s a source of inspiration apart from the authenticity it bears brought about by, actual, real, and no-movie-cut scenes. Theater is essentially organic and more felt, and I will just stick to that.

So, in my search for another piece to resonate with, I found Tick Tick Boom, a musical written by multi-awarded compose Jonathan Larson, most popularly known for Rent. Produced by 9 Works Theater, Tick Tick Boom opens the stage to everyone searching for that most awaited moment of success and happiness.


I felt it so much not only because I just turned 30, but also because for how it just makes it seem okay to still struggle at this point, figuring out where to go. I would like to share a few lines from 3 songs I like the most in this musical.

  1. To those who are still sleeping and settling.


Come to your senses, defenses are not the way to go

Come to your senses, the fences inside are not for real

Come to your senses, suspense is fine

This definitely hit me to my gut. I then asked myself why we still hold back despite being free. Quitting an office, dreadful job and hitting the lines of the creative world will definitely lead somewhere. I mean, it’s time to wake up and forget that we ought not to pay bills but to live. It’s all in the mind and how we are programmed to work, earn, pay-off expenses, and work again. It’s that feeling of being splashed with water and realizing we’ve not been living our lives. And yes, suspense is fine.


  1. To those who desire to essentially live their lives.


Why should we try to be our best when we can just get by and still gain?

Why should we blaze a trail when the well worn path seems safe and so inviting?

Why do we stay with lovers who we know, down deep just aren’t right?

Why does it take catastrophe to start a revolution?

How can you make someone take off and fly?
Cages or wings? Which do you prefer?

A great contrast of extremes on how we tend to push ourselves more, and later on settle for what’s comforting. There is a choice between confinement and perseverance, stability and passion. It’s either we stay or aim for the big thing. Why do we do what we do when we can do more with so many other things? Why do we stay in a relationship that has long been dreadful, when we can seek for something good out of it, or find a better half? Why can’t we push ourselves and start realizing that dream of becoming a writer, painter, singer, actor, or dancer? Why can’t we get a job we’ve always wanted but we’re scared to try? Why?


  1. To those want to wake up.


Why do we seek up ecstasy in all the wrong places?

And this definitely summed up my thoughts and emotional journey through the musical. Why are we forcing ourselves in a situation where happiness is fabricated, when we ought to find one in a place where we haven’t been? This simply made me think if where I am now is where I am supposed to be. We can’t just wake up in the morning and drag ourselves to where we are expected to be. We need to find out what truly makes us happy, and finding the place will make it easier.




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