Tickles and the ‘Kilig’ Factor

People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just: ‘How do we make the retail experience a great one?’ ~ Philip Green

The shop philosophy

What make me giddy about surprises are not the big gifts that overwhelm me, but the little yet sincere and heartfelt ones. This may come in sticky notes from nowhere, the 3 pieces of kisses that meant I-love-you, a pillow for my aching back after a hard day’s work, a pen in my favorite color, and so many things that I could recall and think about. These little things just keep everything going whether it is in romance or friendship.

At the back my head, I just think this could take so much time to look around. What I thought was probably, that person just passed by an alley, and he or she was thoughtful enough to just grab that item that makes one giddy. And I just suddenly thought of a shop that has long existed, even during high school when my friends and I just handed out random stuff to each other on a super random day.

Tickles 1tickles

Tickles, a shop-of-all-sort, has been brightening people’s day since 1979. What was originally conceptualized as a retail shop of any random item just prevailed to be people’s favorite up until this day. I kept thinking after years of adult existence why someone would call a shop Tickles. I thought it was just a random, cutesy name that just popped in someone’s head. But it just makes sense now. The shop is based on the kilig factor just makes someone happy and giddy, making it seem that invisible tickles exist.


Inside the shop

Tickles is known for the humor and statement pillows. They are their bestsellers to date. The comfort that this item brings speaks so much of the shop.



Stuffed toys will always be people’s best resort when it comes to gifts. Who wouldn’t get this cute stuff?



Panda-mania is not yet over for this shop! These are adorb and huggable panda-bles, definitely!



Collectibles remain a whim to someone. It’s staple in the shop as well.



Essentials like bags, pouches, slippers, and many more remain inside for people to rummage.



I found these statement sleeping-masks, which make it a thoughtful gift for the preoccupied millennial in the age when sleep is for the weak. But the shop just looks after us, doesn’t it? And I am cray-cray over these, seriously. I could just hand this to a friend who just needs so much sleep.



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