Calming Kuala Lumpur: A Breath of Fresh Air

As I continue with my sojourn to different places more as a cultural experience, I have yet another place to share and to tick-off my list – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Until now, I am still apprehensive about traveling because it doesn’t only involve the desire but the budget as well. I am lucky enough to have friends who keep me on track when they randomly just book me tickets to a place we have never been. Apart from that, what keeps me discovering places is simply that priceless experience of getting to know the people, culture, food, and just the whole way of living.

So when our Uber driver shared that Kuala Lumpur, means “muddy river/confluence” (Kuala – river; Lumpur – muddy), I started to discover the place. While most seek for their own shopping spree experience, I go for 3 things: culture, food, way of living.

These 3 were summed-up by the following:

Batu Caves

It has more of a religious pact to it more than anything. But the challenge of going up and seeing what is on top makes it more relieving. This is more of a pilgrimage site, but tourists are as curious as they are.



Petronas Tower

It wouldn’t be complete if there was no photo with the twin towers behind. It’s just as majestic as they are.





Underwater exploration would make this destination a good stop.



Genting Highlands

High above the cold mountains is a secret destination of fancy likeness and a departure from the tropical mainland. It takes bus and cable car rides to reach the place. One can explore the area by going around the theme park, Ripley’s collection, and Snow World.





Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street)

This street shopping district makes everything complete for the traveler who wants to stay within the budget. Goods are way cheap and affordable, and even negotiable.



Botanical Garden & the Planetarium

A refreshing side on the Botanical Garden and a modern vibe to exploration make it more enthusing.



The National Museum

To me, a trip is complete by going through cultural artifacts and remnants to further justify what the place is.



KL Tower & add-on fun activities

The KL Tower makes the experience complete with the top-view of the city. Aside from this, there is the option to pick any activity on the side. We opted for the mini zoo.





The Gastronomic Experience

When I go to a place, food is staple. It is the essential must-get to me if shopping is for some.

2016-07-25 22.11.15KL20162016-07-25 22.05.11KL2016

Penang Fried Kway Teow paired with Soya Cincau

2016-07-26 10.13.31KL2016Plain Roti. 

2016-07-26 13.03.52KL20162016-07-26 13.29.27KL2016

A fancy meal: Barbecue chicken on egg noodles and some gelatinous dessert.

2016-07-26 20.38.45KL2016Roti Sardin. 


2016-07-27 19.23.46KL2016

Chinatown Hokkien Noodles

2016-07-28 20.31.48KL20162016-07-28 20.32.21KL2016

Curry Laksa and Lobak. 


Overall, the Kuala Lumpur experience was indeed calming. The development is apparent, and the lifestyle is undeniably more relaxed compared to competitive counterparts. I must say that I may be considering living in the city for a while if opportunity comes.



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