Career Leaps – Coincidental?


Normally, we strive for the highest position in our career lives. We may start at the very lowest pit, and aim for the highest. That’s what’s making the corporate world dynamic. It makes people move around given many opportunities.

Moreover, this striving up the corporate ladder is a process and not just an overnight deal where we just wake up and become CEOs or Presidents of companies. This has been the modern mindset of most. It has to go through that so called process.


However, in a world full of endless possibilities and numerous opportunities, this process is cut-down to just mere chance, fate, and destiny. Maybe? With the advancement in technology and the post-modern mindset of the young today, there is just not limit in getting that very chance of getting to the point of one’s career. Say for example, a seasonal writer who has forever dreamed of becoming an editor of a fashion magazine just got that chance of writing  a blog, and executives of a publishing firm stumbled upon the same entry and realized with much awe on how this writer could ever write. The writer then becomes a junior writer executive, two positions up to the editor post. A graduate who majored in Journalism, ended up an English teacher at a local high school took the chance of creating a documentary about a very timely topic was discovered by a producer of a local TV station. She is working for the TV station for 6 weeks now as a researcher. An engineering graduate, who never passed the licensure exams, took on the entrepreneurial path and is now serving as consultant to start-up companies while giving talks on different occasions to different groups on business. These stories may seem ludicrous in the context of corporate competition, but within the time when everything seems possible, they seem logical.

freedom to fly

I don’t see this as coincidental. I see this as getting on to that best moment. The best time came, so things happened. I, for one, used to work as a specialist for a U.S. background-checking company. After a year, I just took the chance of submitting my application for the trainer post, and they got me. It wasn’t just the desire to get the post. It was just a matter of fitting in right in that very moment, when people have the need. It wasn’t luck at all. This so called destiny that people respond to is a matter of filling-in the gap, but it was just a matter of taking the chance and getting on board without much hassle of going through the process.


This career leap can and will happen to anybody. But just to be guided, here are a few things I can share:

  1. Get to that moment when that moment comes. If you feel like getting into it, but there is just that mild scare that you might be able to do it, do it! You’ll lose nothing. If an opportunity comes, grab it. You’ll never know what could happen thereafter.
  2. Capitalize on yourself and available resources. Never stop when people say you should stop. The career process still holds true today. But your getting a chance of getting employed at a TV station is a matter of work, of your own work. Know your passion, desire, wants, and goals. Work around these and whatever is available in your hands. Make use of technology to mobilize yourself. Brand and market yourself. Create portfolios. Learn online classes. These don’t need certification. You’ll get there once you’ve initially done work.
  3. Take on step at a time. Taking to much may become too exhausting. Focusing on one particular aspect and directing your efforts to it will get you definitely somewhere.
  4. Collect yourself. Never target at just everything you see. Put yourself together and organize everything. Plan as much as possible. Stabilize yourself. You must figure things first before anything.
  5. You are your destiny. Do not settle for the stars and destiny. It’s not luck. It’s opportunity in the very moment, at the best time. You may or may not deserve it, but you are the best person there is.


Getting onto the career path can be tough. But it’s a matter of discernment, focus, determination, and belief in oneself. So take that leap now! You’ll never regret it.


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