Mumbai, and the story you tell…

I was recently sent to Mumbai for work. I get stoked every time travel comes up. I didn’t think of this as a luxury trip since it’s work and company-paid. I don’t think that anything that has to do with work would necessarily suffice for a luxury trip. But the kid in me wanted to go around and check the city for what beauty it has. Lucky me that I was able to arrange the service with the company, and I just listed a few places to see since I will be going solo, and that there would be no one to take pictures with. Luckier me, Amir, the transportation personnel, drove me to different areas in South Mumbai, where everything was spectacular. This was a day trip that lasted for 5 hours. Mind you, Sunday in Mumbai is perfect for quick rounds in the city.

Here are my top sights to see when in Mumbai, and it’s better that these places should be set in order to unfold a story:

Mani Bhavan – Gandhi Sangrahalaya


This should go first on the list for the reason that there is a revolutionist story that Mumbai has to tell. How Mohan “Mahatma” Gandhi emancipated the people of India from the oppression of inequality should be the foundation of any outside to understand the people and culture. There is no entrance fee for this place. Any amount of donation will do. One may purchase any Gandhi memento like books and stamps.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya


This will have to go next. A three-storey 20th centry building, this old musuem houses from prehistoric times India up until the modern times with material cutlture in showcase. Pottery, metal, textile, visual art, and many more will present India in a more academic yet enriching manner. Entrance fee costs RP500.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal (A.K.A. Victoria Terminus)


The story of transient lives in the 20th century seems to unfold in this train station. With the old architecture of the old British Empire, this train station bears with it a history of making people and culture.


Gateway of India


As a commemoration of the coming of the British majesties, this structure was built. It foretells how India was under a regime and time of cultural slavery and impossible national triumph. How it stands along the shorline just speaks how India has stood for the years of oppression. This is a public place, and Sundays make it crowded by onlookers and travelers. Photographers surround the area for a picture that costs RP30.


Taj Mahal Palace


The oldest hotel in the place, the Taj Mahal Palace remains pristine behind the Gateway of India. This just reminds of movies in British Empire India setting where the rich Britons stay along with the families. What this hotel tells is a story of India among the people who were not permitted to set foot for their color and race. The hotel just pictures lives in it perimeter, of people’s hunger to live freedom in the open.


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