Kitchen 1B – All Organic and Fancy

When the world doesn’t conspire to let you go on a quick adventure outside the metro during summer, with one’s will to just walk around the secluded streets of the business district, there is a fancy discovery of some sort. Most of the time, I find solitary walks comforting as I walk my way through buildings and streets without the worry that people you know might bump into you.But these walks (well, I brought a friend with me this time, and it was rather mutual that we go on this pointless walking around) will point you to a place, just that random place, where some things are fancy and new.

Kitchen 1B, along Gamboa St., and adjacent to Washington Sycip Park in Makati, draw me in as the inviting ambiance of home and coziness made it all possible. Food is all organic and healthy, with a little of price, but it’s all worth it.








IMG_8626kitchenTheir menus are in tablets. Fancy!

IMG_8627kitchenThe convenience of requesting for service with just a press of a button.

IMG_8624kitchenThe causal feel it makes it more homey to dine-in.

IMG_8636kitchenGrilled Mango Barbecue Chicken.

IMG_8639kitchenOrganic Egg Salad Sandwich.

IMG_8637kitchenBircher Muesli.


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