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More than just having the fascination for court room trial scenes in films or series, I just find comfort in How to Get Away with Murder for some griping and thrilling reasons. The endless and impulsive desire to know who killed or how the defendant will be acquitted will always be the eternal reason to love this series. More than just its popularity, this series roots its fan-scination among viewers for several reasons. In my case, I find it soothing for five reasons:

  1. There is just a sense of diversity. I can just sense how the characters remain to be in touch with reality – the sexuality, the complex set-ups brought about by anxiety, the whole circus of revelations of backgrounds, and the whole blending of the unfolding of the series.
  2. There is a sense of empowerment.Minorities are represented in such a way that there is equal contribution in the whole production. The characters may seem to be predictably handpicked, but I just find certain characters to be strengthening of change and challenging of societal standards. Women are definitely well represented. Blacks reveal so much passion and power in characterization. Homosexuality is never underrepresented and seems to be just the normal.
  3. There is constant struggle and victory. I just find it definitely soothing that struggles remain to be hurdled in the end. There is just that pleasure to find acquittals and changes in the murderer in the main plot. Viewers relate to this as the whole unfolding makes it seem that life is just a hurdle away.
  4. There is fool-proof that romance moves everything around. Be it in the lyrics of songs or most films, romance has always prevailed to be the most favorite theme. But what the series showed is an intertwining of pragmatic undertakings, with a constant whiplash of sexual encounters that end up in a romantic ploy, and that constant drive to act upon urges just so to make things convenient for romance to thrive.
  5. There is that reality that everybody is entitled to winning and making truth. No matter the situation, every individual has his or her own chance to getting his or her own truth out there. Law and justice don’t necessarily come together. It’s a matter of technicality and process. Innocent or not, people have their chance to get away with the mess, be it with the system or the situation itself.

Some would find chick-flicks or ro-com comforting. Others find futuristic or medieval duels fascinating. To me, How to Get Away with Murder will remain a favorite because it plays around the relentless striving to survive in all possible circumstances.


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