The Nearest Urban Overseas: Hong Kong

What is beautiful about Hong Kong is beyond what meets the eye. While my friends were telling me about what the lifestyle there is in the metro, I marvel at how buildings go high-rise. And with my mind going haywire with ideas, I sort have an understanding about the Hong Kong life.

Everything seemed so fast, running, pumping, and competing against time. I think it’s development and progress that I felt the moment I set foot on the pavement while we were on our way to accommodation. I just somehow put all these things together, stitch them into one whole, that the skyscrapers and high-rise residential apartments meant that there is little time and space for waiting. There is a sense of maximization of everything around. Even the skies weren’t spared from development.

As we were driving our way to Kowloon, I noticed clothes hanging from one end to another, in a fashion quite peculiar to most urban scenes. But this signifies life in the progression of lives. Some may say this is a dense city. I say this is the center of development, for people to realize there is not time for waiting.

For the active at heart in living life in the urban jungle, Hong Kong would be one of the places. And I am one of those who prefer to thrive in this concrete Amazon!





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