Go near, go cheap Summer: Beach Hopping

The beach will always bring good childhood memories to me. Right almost every Sunday back then, we would drive to the nearby beach to go picnicking and beaching around.

The metro always so much to offer to ease away from the heat of summer. But nearby places have made it more in-touch with nature just within one’s budget.

What would be more popular than Puerto Galera? By taking a bus heading to the Batangas port (usually buses at the Jac Liner station along Buendia-Taft Manila) and getting off on a banca will surely set a mood for the beach.

The White Beach will definitely be a must-go for beach-bummers and lovers. Beach activities are always available from banana boat rides to jet skis, from other fun water sports to the ply-board, which is the most popular.

Accommodation would start at around P2,50o per night for a room good for 4. This will change once the summer kick-starts. Banca fare would be at P500 for a round-trip. Beach activities would start at around P1,500 for a group of ten, so roughly, for one activity, one may spend at least P300.




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