Why Celebrate Women?

International Women’s Day was commemorated last March 8th. March is Women’s History Month in the country, and I am one with women who are aware of not only the event but their relevance in the said event in celebrating.

I question myself – why do I celebrate anyway? What is in it for me? Why celebrate women? Fundamentally, my drive for a better understanding of equality and equity across variance of situations brought me to my stance. Women are not any less as compared to men. Simple hypothesis, well tested across areas, and significant today, this call it drive or advocacy will continue for as along as I find avenue.

In a podcast interview by Filipino Thinkers with sociologist Nicola Curato, the reason and relevance have been dissected in status quo. The discussion fairly echoes what I feel and think about women.

Personally, I just thought that my mom could have gotten a better career had she not submitted to the standards of society. Yes, I have benefited from her care, but that did not stop me from thinking if she had chosen a different path. But despite her so called motherly duties, she was able to pull-off every shock proof actions and decisions, and this dawned on me that with the resilience of she had amidst adversities and the machismo microaggressions, she could stand and bring something big. At the onset, women truly are invincible, strong, and worthy of every competitive feat in whatever area or aspect.

A few years ago, with my intent to deliver my message of women’s invincibility and resilience, I came up with a story using photos. Photos that would definitely answer the question of the relevance of celebrating women.

With a good friend who never stopped believing in herself as that strong woman as she should be, who also took the role as my model for an EVE-inspired photo shoot.

The photos show a relatively subtle way of foretelling the situation of women especially in a religious country. Women are rather subject to the confines of home, marriage, and procreation. Beyond that should not be within their purpose in life. So this is how Eve comes in as a persona of women, that she was simply take from Adam, that she was the act of sin as the religious dictum would tell. Subjugation as it definitely is, this does more to the psyche of women today, that women have come more assertive in the process.
085085womenFACT: Women are more likely to be beaten, raped, or killed by a current or former partner than by any other person, with most studies estimating that 20 to 50 percent of women experience partner violence at some point in their lives.


FACT: One hundred and two countries have no specific legal provisions against domestic violence, and in at least fifty-three countries, marital rape is not a prosecutable offense.


FACT: Between five hundred thousand and 2 million people-the majority of them women and children-are trafficked annually into situations including prostitution, forced labor, slavery, or servitude. Only 93 countries have some legislative provision prohibiting trafficking in human beings.


FACT: Worldwide, an estimated 51 million girls have been married before the age of consent. In many parts of the world, parents encourage the marriage of their underage daughters in exchange for property and livestock or to benefit their social status.


FACT: There are approximately 27 million slaves alive today-more than at any point in history and 56 percent are women.


BUT, women have a choice!

But women have lives to lives; minds to use; thoughts, ideas, and opinion to share; bodies to their own caring; and humanitarian rights to realize. We celebrate women not to out-power men, but to make people of these things that are still occurring; and for as long as women still have that sense of instability in themselves to live in a humanitarian and gender-safe society, there should be an avenue to make people aware.

Fact Source: https://amnestystlouis.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/23-fast-facts-about-womens-oppression-worldwide/


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