Fruits in Ice Cream: A Valentine Food-capade

Love month has just come, and all I could think of is just chocolates, bouquets, and anything that has heart shapes on it. Well, at least, that’s what every year seems like to me. Fancy-shmancy as it seems, but that’s how February is universally pictured out.

But love month is basically about anything that one fancies. To me, I see it as taking pleasure and indulging in something that my heart is fond of. I have a sweet tooth, and that never changes in time. I share with love my food-venture yet again, for this month of cheesiness, giggles, and all that Valentine-ish pursuits, with a sweet favorite, fruit ice cream.

Fruit in Ice Cream, commonly known as FIC, has always been a family’s favorite. We have tried different brands, and all we could just put our hands on with guilty pleasure is just a gallon of its well-flavored ice cream. What could be a better picture than eating ice cream, whether love is present or just probably around the corner?

But I wondered, what’s so special about this ice cream? And just like any adventure, I took time to give it all a taste just to find out, essentially, what is special about Fruit in Ice Cream. These flavors I have tried are so fit for Valentine’s.

The Honeymoon Stage VS. The Never-been-kissed (also known as N.B.S.B./N.G.S.B.)

Raspberry Rapture


Just that mix of raspberry bits with a seemingly kick of chocolate syrup, this flavor just stimulates or “raptures” the palate much like a couple who has just started or just that guy or gal who has never thought of delving into romantic love because life seems to be going so great.

This flavor is best for dishes that are red-meaty like steak, and for drinks like red wine or coffee-based liquors/drinks.

The Going Steady VS. The Decided-to-be-single-forever


Strawberry (3)FIC

Strawberry will always be my favorite. This flavor has the infusion of rich vanilla and strawberry bits and syrup. It has a stable and unpretentious taste, which everyone likes. Just like any strawberry-based ice cream, it’s an all-time favorite. For those who are definite of their romantic flair or those who have just embraced singlehood in totality, this flavor is for you.

This flavor is best for dishes that are easy to come by like pasta and pizza, and for drinks like beer.

The Low-profile-long-term couple VS. The Laidback Single

No Sugar added mixed berries

FIC No sugar added mixed berriesFIC

If I would just spend a day without any stress to deal with, this flavor is best fit for me. The fusion of berries in plain ice cream, with less sugar to taste, is just a calming treat. Just like a couple who doesn’t flaunt their love and romance, or that single dude or gal who just lives the day all by himself or herself without stressing things for being single, this flavor is a simplistic interpretation of “living the day.”

This flavor is best for dishes that are light like salad, white meat dishes, or not so elaborate dishes with just a mild flavor or mix, and for drinks that do not much do kicking like champagne or white wine.

The Engaged VS. The Existential Single

Berry Overload

berry overloadFIC

This is my personal favorite of the four. We are not talking of bits here. We are getting real chunks of berries, in vanilla, berry-based ice cream this time. The flavor is just overflowing and “ravaging” resembling that of the couple who is overflowing with not just the cheesiness but the assurance of staying together, forever, or the contemplative, reflecting-on-one’s-purpose-in-life single, this flavor is best for the season.

This flavor is best for dishes that have strong flavors like Mediterranean, Middle-eastern, Thai, or spicy ones, and for drinks that ease the taste-bud tension like white wine.

A single scoop of one’s favorite flavor of ice cream just simply means getting that ordinary cold treat for the day. But Fruits in Ice Cream makes it extra special because it’s not just the flavor; it’s what’s inside and what’s mixed with it. It’s what the taste, bits, and pieces that make every flavor truly and essentially delicious.

One pint costs around P115.00 and half a gallon around P290.00.

But they are making it extra special this February as a way of showing love. One can get these four flavors for only P50.00 for every scoop by joining the Taste the Love promo. Follow them on Instagram (@ficph) or like them on Facebook ( Posting their official Taste the Love photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #FICTastetheLove, and showing the post the any scooping station will guarantee a scoop. Get that scoop from February 10 to 17!!






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