The Traveler in Me

Going to a different place can be daunting to me because of so many worries I have. I often think of the expenses, the possible mishap during the trip, the food, the accommodation, and so many things. But I often see people going on trips happy and excited.

I have had my fair share of trips. These trips were not luxurious ones that most would envy. But a part of me has changed along the way because of these.


With these trips, I have learned that I wasn’t actually on trips. I was in fact traveling. I was more of a traveler than a tourist. To tour is to book a trip package deal, while to travel is to get the cheapest possible ticket to discover.

I have learned top 5 principles with this.

  1. Traveling is experiencing. It is all about what will unfold more than what is being planned. I see myself fond of unforeseen situations wherein I let myself think in the moment to be able to understand things and to be able to survive. It isn’t about what is written.
  2. Traveling is eating. One of the things that I think will complete my travel experience is food. I have to be able to taste what native in the area or place. I usually go for the new and different. Next I know, I am already eating woodworm.
  3. Traveling is interacting with people. Talking to the locals isn’t about getting directions alone. It is also about getting to know their lives and culture. There must be a good reason that a certain group of people talk so loudly and assertively, or that some people seem to be so courteous with their bows, which make it confusing to some.
  4. Traveling is admiring the culture. Traveling isn’t about putting one’s own culture on top the rest. The the other cultures have their own way of showing its beauty in beliefs, customs, traditions, and way of thinking. These can be seen in material culture, in language, in ways of living, and interaction, and in living every day.
  5. Traveling is being in awe of the smallest things. It was about the the smallest things that make traveling worth while. The structures of the buildings, the gesture of saying “hi,” the way houses are constructed, the way people talk or swear, the way food is served, the way people work, and the many new ways that make it seem there is more to discover in the world.

I am a traveler because I don’t shop for souvenirs. I shop for experience. I shop for photographs. I shop of living that moment with friends and locals. I travel because in it, I realize there is life out there to discover. I don’t take pictures just to show people I have gone to different place. I take them because they serve as reminder that I have partly learned about the world in a part.


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