The year that was. The year that will be.

The year that was. The year that has been. 2015.

The year that will be. 2016.

People often make resolutions for the next year. For me, I look back and see what has been of the previous year that I know where to stand this time in the next year. They say that people are often grateful for the year that has passed. But to me, it’s more than just being grateful. It’s being learned and wise for what has gone.

I make my year-starter with a supposed year-ender post by looking back. I jotted a few notes as I look into the year that was.

  1. The previous year climate – It is good that one gets to feel that overall climate of the previous year. Was it life-changing, riveting, defining, and extraordinary? Or was it bland, dark, sad, lonely, and hopeless? Or was it just any ordinary year? By looking back at how the previous year was, one gets to know where he or she is heading in the coming year. Should there be change? If yes, then one has to act on things. Should there be an extraordinary, plotted year ahead just so to make up for the previous year? Then, there has to be a major action (not just a plan). By assessing the overall feel of the previous year, there is that deciding point of whether to change, make extraordinary, or just stay the same.
  2. The negatives – It is necessary to look into the bad before anything else. One can introspect upon oneself if there is something to work on personally, socially, or career-wise. One can also look into the things that have gone quite off with say, the family, work, school, or friends. The negatives will always be something the be worked on because no one exactly wants these. Although these are inevitable, as one faces the coming year, there is a wiser individual perspective of the many things that may come.
  3. The revelries and celebrations – One should never set aside small or big celebrations in the previous year. It can be a promotion, a raise, a final school streak, or as simple as doing a first dive into the sea. These celebratory moments are good to look back because it is an attestation that one has progressed as a human being in experiences of good. The positive and euphoric moments are dopamine-increasing, thereby pushing people to do things further.
  4. The self-growth, self-change  – Of course, one should take time to see if there has been any change in one’s perception of things, if there has been career growth, if there has been any point of realization as to one’s sense of purpose, and if there has been any direction in life.
  5. Appreciate the year that was – There is no way that there is nothing gained in the previous year. There must have been something learned, realized, and changed.

To the year that has come, will it be better? It’s one’s choice anyway.



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