Simple Lang – Filipino melting food!

Food will always be a good experience to me. I have chanced upon one of the restaurants in Ayala Triangle Gardens one Saturday morning. It was just a random choice for breakfast. But, the foodie experience was that which made me come back. They say you come back because there is still more that you want. The food was delish!!

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Simple Lang, a Filipino restaurant with a “twist” sits along the trail of restaurants in the middle of the business district of Makati. The hustle and bustle of the busy, city life makes this go-to food house a refuge for gastronomic comfort and unforgettable foodie experience.

Under the Raintree Group of Restaurants, Simple Lang came to life because of the millennial generation, which loves to experience beyond what’s common. With its red and white theme and diner-like verging formal dining ambiance, the restaurant stands as something appealing to the millennials.  But, of course, it isn’t just the millennial that is being catered. It’s just the foundation of what’s making Simple Lang “simple lang.”

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To Carmela T. Sison, Groups Marketing Manager, the variety of food was mixed-up in a way to make everything new, interesting, and unique making the food experience unforgettable. The simplicity of experience is seen in how things can are all tossed-up and “twisted” without losing the essence in them. This is what Simple Lang is all about.

To have some sort of food-taste measure, I came up with a foodie scale. I brought with me 3 colleagues who are all foodies, to give the dishes a test.

29simple lang

Every dish can get a possible perfect 5 for that unforgettable taste and a lowest 1 for a not-so-good taste.

Foodie Scale:

1 – I have tried this before

2 – I can probably try this next time

3 – Good. I can probably have another taste.

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

5 – Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

The dishes were choices made by Jasmine King Chua, Supervisor considering how sellable and tasty they are.  These selections are Simple Lang’s “best.”


The Crispy Black Pepper Squid at P230 is one favorite of most customers. The crunchy, tender squid in tasty batter was just enough to stimulate one’s palate.

Foodie Rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

18simple lang

The Fresh Lumpia Roll at P95 is definitely a Filipino favorite. It resembles the traditional Filipino Fresh Lumpia.

Foodie Rating:

3 – Good. I can probably have another taste.

19simple lang


To my colleagues, the supposed taste masters, costing just P180 for a serving of 5 people, the Sisig Fried Rice is a whole meal itself. The savory blast of sisig mixed with bits of bagnet was just carnival in the mouth.

Foodie Rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

20simple lang


The very popular Simple Lang Bfast at P220 was a mix of the restaurant’s Mr. Jones Tapa (may be a choice of dilis, longganisa, daing na bangus, liempo, or chicken tocino), with fried garlic rice, egg, atchara, and tomato-onion salad. I must say, this is my personal favorite because of the tapa.

Foodie Rating:

5 – Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

24simple lang

Main Dish

Made of chopped roasted pork belly, calamansi, paminta, special sauce, onions, sili, and a touch of mayo, the Crispy Pork Belly Dinakdakan at P195 is a good replication of the original Ilocano dish.

Foodie Rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

21simple lang

To the grilled-food-lover at hear, the Inihaw Sweet Soy Garlic Salmon Panga at P275 is melt-in-the-mouth kind of seafood because of how the salmon is cooked soft and tangy-tasty.

Foodie Rating:

5 – Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

23simple lang

Now, the most interesting dish I have seen in the menu, the Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet with Watermelon at P395 was a fresh sinigang innovation. This is rather another personal favorite.

Foodie rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

22simple lang


To the sweet-tooth, the Turon Bites at P95 is an interesting sweet feat with saba, toasted sesame, and condensed milk, however, plated not in the turon manner. It was skewered and plated in a way making it bite-size and pica-pica-like. This got an appeal to the taste-masters, I must say.

Foodie rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

25simple lang

The Iced/Hot Ginataang Bilo-bilo at P150 will always be a Filipino favorite. One can never go wrong with ginataang bilo-bilo.

Foodie rating:

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

26simple lang

Cold Drinks

For refreshments, the popular Iskrambol at P135, a strawberry drink with a Simple Lang twist, is reminiscent of a diner-like smoothie.

Foodie Rating:

3 – Good. I can probably have another taste.

28simple lang

The Mango Sago at P150, with pureed mango and desiccated coconut bits, is a smooth drink for a good meal-ender.

Foodie Rating:

3 – Good. I can probably have another taste.

27simple lang


For the cake lovers, here are the selections:

Choc-nut Sansrival – P195 per slice/P1,560 whole

Ube Leche Flan – P225 per slice/P1,800 whole

Choco Honey Comb – P185 per slice/P1,110 whole

Coffee Sansrival – P195 per slice/P1,560 whole

Ube Tres Leches – P175 per slice/P1,400 whole

Brazo de Limon – P110 per slice/P600 whole

17simple lang

Simple Lang was definitely a splendid foodie experience. The simplicity in the mixing and twisting of dishes was just something to bring with. I never thought watermelon could be good in a typical, household Filipino dish, and that turon doesn’t necessarily have to be wrapped and fried. Overall, Simple Lang was a refreshing experience of Filipino dish.

Simple Lang

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Salcedo Village, Makati City

For reservations: (02) 621 6162




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