I Am Responsible: An Adult’s Game


As a child, one is reminded of life as a simple game of fun winning and losing. It wasn’t that much of a serious thing. To a child, playing is essential in his or her sense of being, his or her playful self, and there is nothing more to that. A child also has no worries of life’s complexities, problems, anxieties, and atrocities because it was just all about playing, and to play is to live. The simplicity of a child’s mindset and world makes me wish the world were like so because if it were, then life would have been in Utopian bliss and pleasure.

But as the child grows up and faces reality, life becomes languid and bland. The routine comes to one’s senses, and the next one would know is that he or she is caught in interlocking complexities, and the next best thing to do is to fix everything. There is no playing anymore because this is something serious and crucial to tackle.

Cruciality comes in every setting, be at work or with the family, with friends or even strangers. It’s either you make or break with every choice you make. Adulthood is not that exciting after all. A child would rushes into becoming that adult selves whom they want to become, much like their parents because it seems the next best thing that could happen to them, but reality bites; everything just falls like a downer on a bright day.

Regression according to Freud is that defense mechanism that is evident of one’s tendency to go back to certain childlike behaviors in order to cope with stress. Often times, we see in movies that characters in depressive states lay in bed in fetal position, which seems comforting. This behavior may be universal, but psychoanalysis explains this is a reverting to that state where one used to be in a mother’s womb, in that protective position.

But this entry isn’t about psychology or turning back to one’s childhood. It is about the nature of human beings to naturally lead toward that life of adulthood, and eventually survive that state. Regression is just a component of this entry because it’s good to go back to that state of being a child because there isn’t so much to worry. It is simply to contrast such childlike lifestyle to what is more of a adult’s game. A child worries about winning a street or board game. An adult worries so much about winning in the real, world, and cut-throat game. Such regression is a coping mechanism because people often times want to go back to that protective state because circumstances and environmental factors push one to do so.


Adults play in the world not by strategic moves in a fun game. Adults play by responsibility. I must admit that as I near by 30th, I am still sensing my regressive tendencies to go back to the protective state. I still wish to be a child and enjoy the simple pleasures I get. But as days go by, I am gradually realizing, and things are dawning upon me that I am indeed leaving that protective state. I tend to feel anxious at most times because of the fear of failing and not surpassing the many challenges in life. But I am slowly realizing that I am naturally getting past them, with enough guts, social support, and belief in my ability to find resolve, and that I am truly becoming that responsible adult.

This realization triggered my senses when I had to take responsibility for a complaint raised by one manager to my trainees and even myself, in my current company about some noise made, we made, during a company event. Despite our justification of the rational behind such, and in spite of the manager’s over kill reasoning, I had to stand-up and take the consequences. It felt that I was about to get on something really serious, that my direct supervisor could lead me to disciplinary reprimand and action, but at the same time, I felt I was on top for taking everything in my hands. At the moment I realized that I wasn’t so crazy about my childhood fantasy games any longer. Facing everything in adult life is the real game.


Responsibility based on Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is the quality or state of being in charge of someone or something. One takes responsibility because he or she responsible for any action, or he or she is accountable for the actions of those under him or her. This is the crucial point of adulthood. Once this is taken successfully, one can say that it’s the real game in the world.

The innocence of a child as seen in his or her face is reflective of how human beings can be oblivious of life’s surprises. But with this innocence also, one can take on the challenge without regard of failure. A child plays a game because there is the need to win and have fun, regardless of what will happen. That’s just how it is. But adults play a game with responsibility because there is the need to survive and succeed. But it’s all the same. That innocence is makes one take on the world no matter what happens because there is no apprehension of failure but just that goal of getting past the challenges, to win and succeed.



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