Sandbox: Get Active!

More than just the common thing, beyond beaches or amusement parks, the Sandbox, an activity and leisure park sets a new definition of adventure to friends and families. Located within Alviera, a development by Ayala Land, in Porac Pampanga, Sandbox is continuously inviting people and adventure seekers. Although it is rather intently for those with vehicles and personal modes of transport brought about by its non-proximity to public transportation, it still draws in more people because of its newness to the taste of the Filipino leisure.



Just an open field installed with the adventure rides and activities, Sandbox opens its doors to the not-so-typical adventure. The heat may actually be too much to take, but it’s the whole point of the adventure.


The aerial walk remains to be the most popular of all rides. It may only be available for only a select few, those who have come early, and this is due to the duration of the whole activity taking minutes to spend, this will always fill-in the hungry for adventure.


10fortuneSafety gears are readily available, and staffs are accommodating. Nothing speaks safe adventure better than Sandbox does.


Archery is also available to those who find targets, bows, and arrows as more than enough for their own seeking for adventure.


The free-fall would remain to be a favorite for its fast Adrenalin-rush.



Sandbox has different package sets depending on the individual or group’s budget. Activities will include the giant swing, free-fall, rappelling, wall-climbing, aerial walk, archery, mini golf, and zip lining. All these are available as individual activities or set in packages.


It’s definitely so much fun to do all these with friends and families. To prep up for the activities, it’s better to wear rigorous, working clothes and a good pair of rubber shoes. Some activities would require the necessary footwear or gear for safety reasons.



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