Roy & Biv – they just got everything!

Was there a time when there was a big need for an item for a particular occasion, but the place is just unknown? Think of the need for a pair of earrings that would complete a party get-up, or probably a matching pair of shoes that would have a distinct shade of colour that would have made the day. But the place is just nowhere to be found. The department store may have been the best place, but it’s a whole haystack for the needle to find, unless a shopper has been in the store several times, and the place has become a shopping turf. This is a crisis on a normal curve for any shopper who’s always been nitty-gritty about almost everything. Because detail makes up the whole, there is just that essential need of completion of a part that would make up everything.

Guess what? That place exists, and it has just established itself in the metro with a branches (that’s great news!), and one outside the metro.


The place to be…

Roy & Biv, an “everything” store, has brought into the city a shop that sells pretty much everything. I thought it was just a novelty store of some sort, but lo and behold, it definitely has everything. Sprawling in the metro, specifically in Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma, Ayala Terraces Fairview, and Ayala Center Cebu, the shop has catered to different customers, across generations, and amidst varying preferences and lifestyles.



The story behind Roy & Biv

What makes it have “everything” is its embrace of the rainbow as its theme, philosophy, and identity. Roy & Biv are made-up characters and symbolism of the store’s uniqueness and ingenuity to shopping. ROYGIBIV, that being the spectrum of colours in the rainbow, was the starting point. Roy and Biv are names that would hold the masculinity and femininity of possible customers, thereby implying that the store caters to any customer. The character “&” symbolically suggests the endless need for items in different colours. Such smart name does not only attract people, but seemingly becomes a household name that has a simple and familiar recall.



But it was rather a light-bulb moment for the owners more than just the name. It was a big realization that people do ask the same question all the time: “do you have this item in this certain color?” That was the main philosophy behind everything. The rainbow and the birth of Roy & Biv became the mode to actualize things.





What is in the shop?

While most shops would categorize their products in type, size, function, and are, Roy & Biv utilizes colors. Items would range from decoratives to household wares, fashion items to personal hygiene products, and from tech accessories to just pretty much any interesting stuff. It runs its items across 8 main colors, namely, red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, and fuchsia. For the obsessive-compulsive, this is the shop to be for its color organization and item availability. I must say it was such a comfort to stay in the shop for a couple of hours just to take photos because, goodness, it was just a shop of pretty much everything. It just simply made my day.








The future…

Roy & Biv has a bright and colorful future ahead as it strongly yet surely moves to having more shops in the country to cater to every need of any customer.

This is more than just a retail shop of sorts. It’s a Filipino brand that makes life easier and more colorful than ever.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @royand biv.


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