We are 50 Shades of Grey


The movie and book sensation 50 Shades of Grey has gone beyond just popularity. It has reached different people of differing opinions. Though it may be relevant to discuss things that affect human relations, it is also good to tackle the movie and books from the perspective of the avid fan or the viewer’s experience. Was the movie and book sensational because of the controversial themes and misrepresented subjects? Or was it because a part of us, we saw, in the characters being played?

In just a span of not more than two hours in the cinema alongside a good synopsis from a good friend, I just realized that this has become popular not just because of the mind arousal and stimulation on something that is taboo in public discussions, but also because the characters, somehow, part of them, represent every individual who has gone or is going through almost the same, familiar situation, and the movie or book simply affirms it. What is nice about this is that by reflecting these experiences, there is a sense of being human, of being part of a collective, that pain can be surpassed along the way, and that there is no permanence in things.


I do think that there is an Anastasia Steele in each of us because of her vulnerability and seeming innocence. Her submission that grew out of consciousness making her decided, willed, and better directed with her choices is typical of a woman or even a man maybe. Because during the first phases of any relationship, women often times get emotionally involved, while guys just flutter around. This is not as simple as an antithesis to empowering women. It’s more of admitting to the fact that biologically and psychologically, women are bound to celebrate their emotions amidst circumstances. Some get lost and submit totally. Others stand and lead a more enlightening and brand-new life. Break-ups happen. Woman cry it all out, but there is renewal of the self in the end. Anastasia represents some women though not in her utter, fictional character.

Also, a part of Christian Grey is evident of men once they get into anything romantic. Truth be told, they often hold back and settle for non-committal dispositions in life because they may feel they are incapable of loving and putting themselves in totality in any situation, thus leading a more “singular” kind of life.  Men are adventurous, playful, and explorative. They can’t settle for rest and stability. They want something gray and uncertain because it drives them nuts and crazy, and it’s fulfilling to them. That’s just how they are. But part of them can actually change circumstantially. Romance is such a scary thing for them, but once the right time just comes, and they have gone past their adventures and manly lost moments, they do not pull themselves back. They get into the relationship and consider their full commitment.

I am witness to several women friends who have had the most unconventional romance stories, and that often times, men are the culprits to the struggle. But they have their means to get through anything, just like Anastasia would. Men also have a say on this because they are often misunderstood, when in reality, they have their own reasons and stories. It’s also good to read through the 3 books because everything will unfold and make sense. This is to say that the movie and book are not any different from reality, well, parts of it since the whole set-up can’t be real. It’s just a projection of the author’s desires and creation. But stories unfold and reveal specks of the realities in such an interesting and controversial way. 

Photo Credit: [www.jamesaltucher.comwww.telegraph.co.ukconversationsabouther.net]


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