Erb and Chet for men’s fashion

I have come across an interesting fashion line for men. Being crazy over bags, I got my attention to the bags that one particular Filipino brand has. But this progressed to an interest in its line of shoes, which include topsiders and boat shoes. Being fashion and shopping impulsive, I bought my first pair of deck shoes and a messenger bag in a Christmas bazaar last year, 2014. This didn’t stop me from just buying. I wanted to feature them for a fashion, promotional article.

Here are some of the snapshots of the feature I did for Erb and Chet for They tend to revolutionize the guy confined in mascho culture because he has what it takes to look good.




















Fashion is an expression of an individual’s personality and feel. It’s a presentation of oneself in a pool of people who see the good in each. Looking good is never bad as long as there is a sense of knowing of who oneself is. Men’s fashion is never a contrast in itself because every man can definitely look fashionable and stylish without compromising his image.

I believe that fashion plays a big role in making people assert so much of who they are. Some stress-shop. Others just simply purchase anything out of whim. But fashion has a place because it means something to the individual.

Look good inside and out.


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