Game Plan for 2015 in someone’s late 20s

Once another year comes, with all the hullabaloo on having a fresh start, new year’s resolutions come as a trend. Probably, it has been socially programmed in people to come up with new ways to deal with one’s life in the next year, thus many rush to their notebooks and contemplate upon things that they need to work on. But resolutions are supposed to be there just to boost the mood. They don’t usually go well with the reality.

So, for the next year, 2015, I would like to change things a bit. It is better to impose things and think of them as realistic and doable. Resolutions may be promising and filled with so much vision, but we opt to stay away from them because it is better to live a life free of any obligation of some sort. For the next year, it is better to term these so called “plans” as a game plan.

The previous year 2014 was undeniably my moment. There was progress. Much of it included risk-taking, development, confidence-building, rapport building, learning, better and wiser choices, problem resolution, self-reprogramming, planning and doing, and a whole lot to do with work, school, and all the many serious things. But I would like to go back to a few things that have made me. I would like to go back to where I actually started. I would also like to tackle a few mishaps in 2014 and work on them more conscientiously this time because as far as I know, I have done quite a huge progress. It’s just a matter of sustaining everything not to achieve perfection, but to live everything to the fullest.

Here they go…my top 3 realistic 2015 plans.


The previous year was all in shambles financially speaking. Though I may have paid my card bills on time, and that I have spent most of my money on what I needed and I though I needed, there was no saving that happened. I may have been driven by Warren Buffet’s practice, but it was all in the mind. It was difficult as I included myself in the situation. It was frustrating because I was projecting a saved-up value at the end of the year, but I ended up with just the same amount from the start of the year, with outflows still pending.

For 2015, I have set up my Excel Sheet ready for updates on inflow and outflow. It is better to monitor my finances for me to see where my money is going. This is also keep myself from consumerist urges that I can see my day’s work pay.

Aside from this, it would be best to invest my saved-up money for something that generates income. I think, at this point in time, I should be thinking of sustaining myself in the future. Thus, there should be a concrete plan on how to invest my savings into something financially growing.


I guess I haven’t fully equipped myself with the necessary skills and learning. 2015 will be filled with opportunities I will set for myself. Along with this is the projected future of career advancement and progression. There will be more to expect next year, but the best thing to do is the set everything in action. It is better done than planned. Graduate school is getting to its end any time soon, but it’s still a hurdle I should surpass. But it is my projection that the future will be filled with much time. I just have to set everything in the right place.

Also, it should be best if I start to build my network of people for future projects and career opportunities. It should start with just a number of people probably at work or school.


For the previous year, I have consumed most of my time for work and school. I have quite led my self to exhaustion.  But doing other thing that I naturally love to do will make the next year filled with exciting things. There will be more to look forward.


I  should write more often. It’s not more of a daily obligation but an outlet for creativity. I have always loved writing, but for the previous year, I have used it for school. It hasn’t failed me in may circumstances. But this time, I would like to do it out of my hearts beating. I just love to write.


My dad’s passion for cooking brought me into the reality of culinary. I just think I have to gusto to create food out of just the desire to create food. It’s not just a matter of tossing up anything on the pan, but more of the desire and expression to create food. It’s a matter of loving it more than doing it out of necessity. I have always thought of a day when I get tired from work, I would cook up something.

Photography and videos

If there is one art I can live for myself, that’s photography and video making. These have always been my art expression and avenue. I just have to take every moment to a hard and concrete production. By capturing moments and embedding them into one whole story is just what I love to do. I have started with both on rough edges. But I am seeing more doable project for 2015. #FacesOfManila will be my launching project for both the photography and video aspects.

With this set in mind, I am seeing a more productive 2015. It will not just be about plans and dreams. It will be about a reality. Let this new year come with so much!


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