A leader that inspires

A boss will always be considered the head of the company. She directs the organization. She makes the decisions. She gives out the tasks. There is a sense of authority as founded on power bestowed upon the leader. With this, the organization and the people are better led to something to be achieved.

A leader says the same as that of the boss. But the difference mainly is the the process of directing. Both may be concerned by goals and objectives. But the manner of actually putting people on the pedestal to achieve varies between the two.

A boss may be apparently transactional in the process. Tasks are extrinsically rewarded, and people are pushed to work with more valuation on the rewards. But as tasks are left undone, there will be sanctions. Constant monitoring is made as well. Everything is driven toward a goal, and that is to develop the organization plus revenue and income altogether. Meaning, the focus is primarily to do the job, and that’s all there is in everything.

A leader, in contrast goes beyond this. Though the boss may also be a leader in technicality, the other leader goes outside the inclination to reach the goal. Yes, there is a goal, but the process of reaching it, of letting people work with much passion, of sustaining everything toward a desired success, and actually setting up a more motivating mood in the workplace is actually the work of a true leader.

While the boss is concerned of driving in more revenue into the company, the leader sets that same goal, but with the orientation of letting people strive for that goal. This leader is inspirational and charismatic beyond anything, and this is proven by how this individual becomes part of the people in her manner of working, in her drive to work with the people, and in her concern for them.

While the boss promotes whoever is deserving as it is deemed necessary by the years of service or the excellent performance, the leader helps people to get promoted. There is that sense of altruism in her. There is coaching and mentoring done. There is constant inspirational talk for the entire duration of working.

While the boss increases the salary or adds more benefits to drive people to work, the leader sincerely sees the capacity of the individual to be his or her best; the leader appreciates that sense of autonomy to achieve and succeed because she sees every potential as an individual gift and reward more than what the company can afford to give.

In this time and age, when millennials start to invade the workplace, there is the necessity to go outside the concern of getting more tasks done. There should be a sense of internal reward and inspiration that will solely be from someone who has the ability. Not all can be a leader. It’s not a skill, but an innate ability. It’s within the individual. To sincerely be concerned of people’s achievements cannot be learned from any dummy books. To drive people to work despite the routine and tiring work pace and flow is power more than the authority set. It’s the power to make people feel dignified while at the same time to let them get along with the company’s goals. A leader, as they say, has the ability innate, and no one can take this away from her. Today, there are only a few left. Where should the leader be found?


Photo Credit: [Featured photo: innovationleadershipforum.org]


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  1. mattatkins1 says:

    Would suggest subheadings and using bold font but otherwise keep up the good work.

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