Motivation – it is within the self

Most business professionals simply rely on the idea that for a business to thrive, it has to have finances to pay for expenses. For a business to thrive, people should get paid. That’s how it’s like in any setting. This idea has long been accepted and played around. But it’s rather surfaced to begin with. Secondly, it plays on the idea that people can be controlled by simply rewarding them monetarily, and that’s all there is for them.

But alongside the many developments in humanity is the surprising truth that people are indeed more complex than the system they have created from themselves. No matter how simplified they make out of the complex and external world, they themselves are complex, and it makes things even more complex.

Motivation is what pushes one to be directed to a desired goal. Work motivation is what drives one to accomplish tasks so as to achieve certain work goals and objectives. The typical worker is motivated by the pay that he or she gets every month, let’s say. But the ability go beyond what is asked is not within the measures of the compensation. Studies have proven that indeed money is not the sole motivator.

In theory, people are motivated on two grounds. They can be motivated externally by salary, promotion, recognition, benefits, material exchanges, and activities that encourage people in the workplace. This type of motivation is rather less sustaining because it only spans for a time and value (as dependent on how people treat them). These are not motivators in essence. They are rather preventive measures to demotivation and dissatisfaction.

However, people are also motivated internally. This means that they are moved to work on their own, by themselves. There is some sort of force within them that lets them work so hard. This leads to satisfaction. This is the real motivation.

Studies have shown that this kind of motivation is grounded upon autonomy or the ability to move on his or her own pace along with a sense of responsibility and belief that he or she can contribute something in any organizational setting, meaning there is a sense of purpose. This is where it’s coming from.

To extend this discussion, apart from the drive to become part of something, to take hold of any task without any external dictates, one is driven by this other force – the force to achieve and succeed. To succeed is rather the motivator itself more than the outcome. This is the sustaining part of one to be motivated. It is rather apparent here that the idea of self-motivation is cyclical. The intervention of salary comes secondary. It becomes supplementary because one needs to survive physiologically. But the drive is within the self.

Recently, there has been an interest in motivation studies on self-direction. There is the question as to what drives a person to surpass challenges and reach what he or she aims. Grit, that is, a psychological trait that let’s one go for the goal on a long term basis. Whereas most would just aim for chunks of goals called objectives, Grit actually drives a person towards something bigger, something that will take a long time to achieve.

But the whole idea is not to classify motivation. It is create a discourse on the idea that people live not on what is external but what is within them.

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