Barkin’ & Blends: dogs and relaxation


The last thing I could think of whenever visiting animals come to mind was a zoo, the like that kids run to on a weekend. But think of a cozy, quaint place specifically for puppies that is open not simply for the amusement but for the relaxation of dog lovers, and it serves coffee too. That’s such a treasure place.





Barkin’ & Blends, which sits outside the busiest corners of Quezon City, is such a good place for coffee, cafe treats, and a good interaction with such adorable pups. It does not merely appeal to the gastronomic needs of coffee lovers but to the emotional affect of the dog lovers at the same time.





Not the typical coffee shop trip that most would think, this dog and coffee shop in one while seeing these adorable, furry creatures is just worth it. When the regular coffee-holics are bound in books in coffee shops, coffee-holics in this shop is bound in the love for dogs. My being a fan comes from my being a dog lover myself. I have always loved dogs, and this didn’t make it hard for me to just love the place. It may just sit quite far from the bustling city, I just think that going there on a weekend won’t hurt time.




A dog is not only  man’s best friend, but a perfect coffee shop buddy. It’s even way better.


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  1. Ysh Espulgar says:

    Hi!!! Just wanna inform you that I borrowed one of your photos. I gave full credit on it dont worry! Nice blog! 🙂

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