That which makes sense

On a daily basis, definitely, we find meaning and reason in what we are doing. We definitely don’t want to deal with anything without any clear goal or objective. We often find ourselves planning, though not that religiously, and putting up anything on a to-do list. Others who may prefer to keep a more relaxed flow every day still find some reason in the many things that could possibly run across. This has something to do with human beings’ nature to find direction and pathway by which they trod upon. What could life possibly if things were all scattered and spread for no reason at all? Chaotic.

However, on a daily basis, there is no certainty that things and events show meaning in themselves. This is not to thrive on the fate argument. Rather this is somehow to acknowledge the fact that there are things that come seemingly insignificant and irrelevant in the whole process of living life. Not all things make sense in their most basic forms. They just unfold along the way, in surprise.

Imagine a promotion of a guy (who goes by the name James) at work as a business developer, or probably projects are set for him for the entire month. He has always dreamt of building his own business someday. Well, that’s a great thing. But suddenly, he chooses to take up say a career development program on finance because he reckons this will help him. However, along the way, things seem to go offhand. Though the course is definitely a good investment of time and resources, it just doesn’t fit in the current picture. But one just continues because of the belief that the said course will soon make sense.

Think of another scenario. Jane has always loved writing. She thought of becoming a journalist someday, and she has always dreamt of becoming one. It has always been her passion, well, at least in her mind, it is. She graduated from college with a degree that she wasn’t that excited about, but brought about by being the pragmatist herself, thriving on practical survival, she still pursued with this. It wasn’t that bad all. She started working for a company that wasn’t even near writing or publication. It was an insurance firm. She continued because she needs to work.

In both situations, both have basically chosen to live a practical life. Both opted for something that will help them thrive in the current situation, not regarding what they really like to do because at the end of the day, they have to live and survive. But somewhere in them is the passion to do something else. But still, they continue with life. Day in and day out, they go to work, do the same routine, and just live. Everything just didn’t seem to make right sense at all. But to live is more important, and to simply let go is just a big risk.

Just on an ordinary day both just lit up and thought of a just pushing themselves a bit. James proposed his own business project. He drafts his proposal and sent it for review. After a couple of weeks, the project was set for pilot implementation. He made use of his financial investment strategies from the development program. Jane just got the random idea of working for the marketing and promotions department in the same insurance firm. She just submitted random marketing and advertising write-ups and portfolios, and in a month, she was laterally transferred to the marketing team. She is currently working on copyrights and promotional articles for the company folio and website.

Insight? At times, things in life just don’t simply make sense in their most apparent face. They just mean nothing. But one ought to continue. However, along the way, with our nature to go beyond just the mere routine of doing things that don’t seem to fit the puzzle, we move a little without too much sacrifice. We try to make sense of things. We put meaning in them. We choose to thrive, well, not necessarily on the most ideal and well dreamt situation, but on what is currently at hand. We always have the choice, and by this choice we live. It’s just up to us to truly live.

They say that one should choose passion over anything. If one loves to sing, then he or she must be an artist, a singer. But this is quite problematic, because, first, these days, it doesn’t work for everyone. This is quite delusional to say the least. One has to live, and by living up to one’s passion alone, things may not readily work as anticipated. Secondly, passions are brought by emotions and the comfortable feeling of confinement and supposed happiness or fun. But life isn’t all about the hedonist ideal of happiness. It is about living.

The solution is not to give up totally. The solution is not to revert back or shift immediately. Things come and go. Things may seem not just justified by how they mean at present. But with a little nudge that we do for ourselves without necessarily moving out radically of the picture, we can definitely make sense of things. There is always a way.

We get tired of working. Yes. We want to leave. True enough. But one has the capacity to change the world around him or her. It is one good deal of a choice right from the start and right at the unfolding of the meaning that we put in things. By neglecting what is around, there is definitely no reason to move around.


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