Saying goodbye to love – The Last Five Years

Love. A kind that is bound in romance. One that is intimate. A kind love that makes one crazy over the years. The love that causes a guy to run after a girl just to be with her. That particular kind of love that comes back from time to time. Love. 

It is a norm in society that one ought to be with someone because of the anxiety felt from loneliness, and to be with someone is tantamount to being romantically involved or attached with someone. This same loneliness leading to anxiety drives everyone crazy for love, that same romantic love.

PrintHowever, in the truest reality, this love, at one end of the spectrum, has its end. Not all romance and all that giddy, cozy, and intimate experience ends well. Some couples, no matter how they make others fall in love with them because they seem to be a perfect fit for a happily-ever-after kind of romantic life, still end up with somebody else because probably their kind of love was never meant to be in place. Sad, yes. For some, it’s quite an emotional, wrenching recall of a past. To others, it may still feel a little unfortunate. But reality bites. Romance and love, altogether, is not always a happy ending.

Celebrating its 5th year in the theater and musical arena in the country, 9 Works Theatrical brings The Last Five years, written and composed by Jason Robert Brown, another moving, off-Broadway musical that will take the stage at the Carlos P. Romulo, RCBC Plaza, Makati City from August 9 to 31, 2014.

With Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes as lead actors, with direction by Robbie Gueverra, The Last Five Years will definitely pull everyone back for a romantic, musical, and theatrical experience. This musical piece will be more than just the dazzle as it is always expected.


To Santi Santamaria, executive producer, the piece is rather apt in celebration of the theater company’s 5th year in the limelight. The suggested musical piece was supposedly a random option, more of a reflex pitched-in suggestion. But it was decided to be staged.

Definitely, this is another musical and theatrical must-see show this coming August not only for the theater lovers, but for the actual lovers themselves as well. Probably, this is a good step-back to reassess relationships, be it one in the present or lurking sometime in the future.

Is romance and love something one should have? Will it probably work? Will the future hold something great for someone in love?

“Fall in love with a musical that will break your heart.” ~ 9 Works Theatrical


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