Globalizing Pinoy Comedy

The confines of Filipino comedy are within the walls of gay comedy bars. There seems to be a collective force when it comes to mass laughter and comedy. But Pinoy comedy is more than just the slapstick and suggestive, at most times ridiculing sketches as made popular today. Several comedians have stood up and proved that comedy in the Philippines is beyond what one can think of. Filipinos are actually creative in humor and making people laugh.


Rex Navarrete’s Laugh out Loud together with Mike Unson was just a perfect show to show-off Pinoy comedy craft. The first show at Bar 360 at the Resorts World, Manila was a clear indication of Filipino comedy gone authentic and real.

Mike Unson, a stand-up Filipino comedian who practices point-of-view (POV) comedy, started the show with a good appetizer of Filipino comedy with his experiential sketches. As random as they seemed, the lines between them were smooth and well-transitioned. His humour never went out of the way. His ability to get through every Pinoy’s humorous sense was simply skillful. Mike is one of those comedians who proves that Filipino comedy is definitely worth one’s time.

Rex Navarrete, such a master in stand-up Filipino comedy, with a long standing experience in stand-up comedy, with his most awaited set, certainly shook the crowd with some good stomping and slapping out of the hilarious delivery of more than just the randomness of scenes. The Filipino experience was core to every comic sketch making Rex’s set palatable in every sense possible. But more than the surfaced image of such comedy, Rex goes afloat the rest because of the social, personal, realistic, cultural, and even political themes in his own set.

IMG_2268ComedyCartelMike Unson

To Rex, comedians are definitely bored (in his funniest sense), thus they simply do observations on life experiences and people’s first point reaction as subject to any situation. What was actually interesting about his content is his innate pride in the Filipino.

He made mention of the Pinoy resiliency that being outpoured and made evident in laughter no matter the tragedy. Rex is simply the epitome of Filipino stand-up comedy with a substantial delivery that is surely humorously tasteful to the Filipino audience.



On Comedy…

Pinoy comedy is well-layered as dependent on the humorous sense of the audience. It may come as simple as any slapstick show, or as reflective of the real life experiences with a more substantial, funny twist to it.

Maritess Vs. Superfriends


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