Pinoy stand-up comedy and Comedy Cartel

Things are getting better as I become part of a huge blogsite, more so a community of bloggers in the metro,

Last Saturday was comedy night for me and a good gal friend. Comedy Cartel’s 3rd leg of the comedy race at The Plantation Bar + Bistro along Carlos Palanca St. in Makati was just worth the trip at night.


Comedy Cartel, a group of artists and professionals in the art of comedy, while crafting Filipino artistry in Comedy since 2007, sells-off Pinoy comedy in a more professional, artistic, essentially dignifying avenue. The group has come up with a showdown of comedic acts of different aspirants in the art of comedy, from amateurs to decade-old clowns, at The Plantation Bar + Bistro along Carlos. The goal is to gather Filipino comedians spotted here and there who haven’t made their own shows except in the comforts of home and the confines of a group of friends’ laugh.



IMG_1224ComedyCartelPatrick Cruz, manager of The Comedy Cartel

For the 3rd leg of the competition, four Saturday live-night shows were set at The Plantation Bar + Bistro starting last May 10th until the 31st with alternates if comedy improvisation and open mic showdowns. For every show, there will be around 12 participants, who will take the stage and rock the house in laughter.

During the May 17th open mic showdown, 13 participants have broken barriers and let out their comedic spirits. Top 5 were selected with Miguel Alejandrino taking the trophy thus advancing to the finals night.

The comedy night concluded with amazingly hilarious sets by Gary Jackson, an American, professional comedian from Hong Kong, who did great relating real life stories while taking them to a funnier level, and Ony Carcamo, a professional ventriloquist and comedian, while bringing the audience a different flavour of Pinoy comedy.




While getting a good comedy shows, it is good to try out The Plantation Bar + Bistro’s best sellers.

The Chicken Parmigiano would have to be the best to try. The subtle taste of spice, the tender chicken filler, on a bed of delish sauce, and topped with parmesan cheese just made everything perfect for the comedy night.


The Spicy Spare Ribs were definitely perfect for the finger food treats while getting a good laugh of the entire show.


The Seafood Putanesca just smoothens out anybody’s taste buds with the subtle and tangy taste, mixed with a good seafood touch. It was mouth-watering enough.



There are a couple of things I learned from the comedy night. First is that comedy can be socially learned. One can actually master the craft of making people laugh. One may mimic anybody on TV and genuinely mix it with one’s own taste of comedy. There is always inspiration drawn from in comedy. It be a comedic icon or simply someone one knows.

Secondly, in support of the idea that comedy is learned among people, one does a comedy show effectively when real life stories and experiences become part it. It is easier to deliver because of the familiarity, and this sense of familiarity become relatable to the audience.

Art as an art is difficult to teach. It is better learned, seen, heard, and felt. To be funny is not forced. It is embraced and well appreciated.


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