Level X Fitness Revolution: a health club more than just a gym

IMG_0410Level X Fitness

When in Manila, staying fit and looking A-okay is but the norm. Almost everyone has somehow gone through the craze of registering for memberships in certain fitness centers. Though it may be the trend and what’s hip, one still cannot set aside the health benefits of taking an hour or so to strut to the gym and sweat it all out through physical fitness after a day’s work.

Level X Fitness, fresh in the sprawling metropolitan of burgeoning gyms and fitness centers, has just opened and will soon launch with a new physical fitness philosophy. Level X Fitness has more to it than striving to look good and get at par with the most coveted body of any celebrity. It also has a principle to rehabilitate and restructure one’s body and health with a close instructor monitoring everything to ensure that physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with appropriate health make-up.

IMG_0393Level X Fitness

 Nilo M. Cioco, fitness director and part owner, explains that it isn’t so much about the number of sessions offered as put up against the package prices. It is to put premium on quality, thus the pursuit of putting up a fitness center that is more of a health club than simply a gym.

IMG_0460Level X Fitness

Level X Fitness was conceptualized from the idea of progressive and rehabilitative program for fitness, with the most affordable package in the metro. Regardless of the physical disposition of a member, the program starts from zero starting off with a body assessment and the outlining of routine. This is then followed by continuous sessions with an instructor who will closely look into the progression of a member’s endurance, strength, and capacity.

Aside from this, Level X Fitness stands out from the rest for its conceptual fusion of workout routines. Nilo takes pride in the center’s TRX Suspension and hip-hop combination for gradual and less exhilarating exercise for the body to cope better in a more progressive manner. More combinations of routines are yet to be structured depending on the member’s assessment and even preference. But there is definitely an assurance of improvement in the physical fitness and health of the members.

Other classes would include Zumba, yoga, hip-hop, Muay Thai, Juijitsu, boxing, Spartan training, abs blaster, crossfit training, partner up, and body shake.

IMG_0423Level X Fitness

Level X Fitness seems like the David among many Goliaths because it values more on what is essential in every member, and that is to improve health more than anything. With enough equipment and good space, Level X Fitness will be a success to every member’s goal.



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