Pudding Republiq: the twist and turn in the sweets culture


When in Manila, sweet gastromic delights are always on the list when one is up for any exploration. They say that anything sweet caps off every huge meal as it seals the appetite. It’s rather ceremonious, socially speaking. But discovering the sweet independent of the main course is rather a worthwhile trek, especially when something new is about to be found.

Sweets in Manila would rather be as colorful as the fiestas and as interestingly varied as the culture. For some reason, the culinary prowess is not merely confined within the tradition; there is constant evolution in the sweet delight culture, and Pudding Republiq is no exception.


Born out of a family pudding recipe, a dream to build a shop, and the passion to make sweets in the most creative sense, Pudding Republiq is beginning to hit the market not only to let every Filipino have a taste of the “new,” but to show that, yes, a Filipino can definitely make twists in every possible way.

To Chie Gutierrez, owner and the “dreamer” in the story, it was a concept realized because of an idea that used to just be in the mind. Her love for baking and vigor to start something made her push everything to what is now a reality. She was humble enough to front that it wasn’t so much of a big time plan. It was just her enthusiasm for a single idea that turned out to be great.


Tony Gutierrez, owner and husband to Chie, while sharing the interview, said that Pudding Republiq is more so the authority for puddings in the country. The name was rather unique in its context, but the meaning behind is rather edifying. It will be the name that will bring pudding in the market. Dessert shops in Manila have flooded the streets and malls with the most common sell-offs of cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, or the most popular red velvets cakes. He said that Pudding Republiq’s stand is simply to offer something new to the Filipino taste yet still maintaining that status of being “the one.”


At the moment, there are 12 flavors that have been put into concept. Manila sweets will never the same with the first flavour thought – the Toblerone Pudding. But the best seller is the Yema Pastillas Pudding. Both of which have a distinct taste that is reminiscent of the chocolate and the delicacy, but with the pudding together, it was a blast of smooth flavors.


Yema Pastillas Pudding


White Toblerone Pudding


Toblerone Pudding


Nutella Pudding

The Red Velvet, Cheesecake with chocolate chips, White Toblerone, and S’mores were sumptuous sweet creations. Also, the shop tries to cater to the sweet lovers with different needs with their Sugar-free and Fruit Pudding.


S’mores Pudding

The Ube and Ube Macapuno were really good add-ins to get the Filipino taste going in the shop.


Ube Pudding

Overall, the taste was playful yet endearing. I must say it is a good reason to just hurry back to get more.


Experiencing sweets in Manila will not be complete if not for a good place to chill. The shop interior was interesting. Chie explains that the whole idea was to make catchy real to the young consumers.

The mix of pink, black, and white was a blend of the woman and man who can basically share a bit of every pudding there is. The pieces and accents added more to the hip and go-getter feel yet still maintaining that classic essence to it. She also explains that it was the young who gets attracted to what Pudding Republiq can definitely offer.

The impression was unpretentious, youthful, and warm in its sweet sense.


Tony and Chie’s aim is to take in to account the costumers who may love the pudding forever. To both, what makes the people wasn’t just the taste. It was how customer relations are put up to a more personal level. While in the shop, Chie was at ease in accommodating every curious sweet lover ready to swallow a spoonful of pudding to have a wonderful experience of the best that Manila sweets can show.

The beginnings of the shop were as humble as the pudding recipe of the family. But now, it is about to venture into possibilities, especially in a more competitive race of Manila sweets consumption. The many dessert shops in Manila will not taunt Pudding Republiq because there is something unique, special, and worth treasuring in an old family pudding recipe. The vision is to spread and branch out when the right time comes, as said by Tony and Chie. But the pudding remains more than just one of the sweets in Manila. It will become the next norm the soonest possible time.


The short trip to the newly-opened shop was worth the conversation and mouth-watering taste of the sweet creations. The idea is just new yet irreplaceable. The Filipino sweet lover will truly crave for more because the pudding is more than just a common recipe. It’s the experience of what is beyond any sweet selection. It is the taste of a long-standing dream, passion, great idea, and simply the undeniably wonderful taste of pudding.

Pudding Republiq

4298-A Emilia St. Cor. Bautista St., Palanan, Makati City

Mobile#: +63917-515-3484

Phone#: (02) 949-9611


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