Fairmont Hotel’s Spectrum: the meaning of buffets

A buffet replicates the original feel and set-up of a fiesta, which constantly remains to be a must-go celebratory event for Filipinos. A buffet sustains its stature of putting people together, more than just the savoring of food up to anybody’s consumption. To the Filipino family, it is one of the means to gather members to be merry during a particular celebration. A buffet has an organic and simplistic essence to it more than its grandiosity in ambiance, food selection, location, and even the price.


Spectrum of Fairmont Hotel in Makati City, a banquet in the central metropolitan, is beginning to make noise among the buffet lovers, family and friends alike. As it continues to run discount promo on prices, widening marketing reaches, it also shows a different side of buffets. Buffets are organic and simple. The more organic and simpler it is the better.

Starting off with the interiors, this buffet in a hotel does not show off much in its grandest. The minimalist and postmodern creation in its interiors gives this comforting vibe that essentially completes the food experience.

The chandelier would be a simple yet interesting piece for anybody to stare at. The construction of pointed glasses with lights behind makes it more inviting than condescending.


It is probably Spectrum’s design philosophy that geometrics make the general mood less complex and more leading toward simplicity. The idea of playing around with the simplicity of lines proves that buffets aren’t much of something to critically think over. It’s a matter of feeling it.

Food on the other hand is yet another story to it. Other buffets may range cuisine after cuisine. But Spectrum sticks to the more palatable with enough selection and array of food.

The salads, aside from the greens, have a more crunch to chunk to them. Salads won’t be enough without the mix of olives, cherry tomatoes in olive oil, pickled oregano and cucumber, chickpeas, and a variation of originally made dressings. It wasn’t just the green that ought to be included. It was the creation out of the staple green garden ingredients that makes it different.


It won’t be complete without the oriental in every buffet. The sushis, makis, dumplings, seafood picks, and the most loved Peking duck in wraps top off any food-lover’s cravings.

The rest of the banquet is dependent upon one’s choice and preference. The buffet has its steak section for the steak lover and the western side of pizzas, croissants, and bread. Dessert was a whole colorful story as it is with a selection of cheesecakes, ice cream, and sweet finger delights.



But to make Spectrum organic, a “honey” section was installed in the middle where an array of honey creations was made.

Naturally made jarred honey was mixed with particular spices to have a different flare to it. One was with anise and the other cinnamon. Honey was transformed from just the sweet sticky taste to a more delectable sweet experience.

Mascarpone Cheese, Madeline Honey, and Honey Jelly were some of the well-made sweet treats out of the honey made.


What caught everyone’s attention were the bees placed in a secure glass case. This wasn’t just for interior purposes. This was to show how Spectrum produces its own honey – the essence of organic and simple.


Relative to the other buffets in the metro, Spectrum may seem humble in its façade. But essentially, it shows that the point of going to big banquets wasn’t to eat so much alone. It was the experience of going organic, natural, and simple just like any family occasion, which shows how people get together not just for the great food delight, but the simplicity of living and experiencing it.


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