Success: more than just an end

To be successful is normatively calculated on how much was done. It’s more of the consequences and results. Often times, it is measured by quantity more than just the meaning it has to the individual. In society, to be well achieved is sized up by the money one has gained and saved up for the past year. Probably, this is the simplest way to find standards in defining success just so other people can step-up and learn from them.

In reality, to be successful and well-achieved cannot be quantified.

We keep seeking for more. We keep amassing whatever we can just so we could reach that epitome of success. But we end up getting exhausted because success is more than just the goal. It goes beyond.

To be able to achieve and accomplish is more than anything else. The process of beating the deadline and refining what ought to be done makes success defined as success.

Success /noun/ is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is not merely the product of work and action. It’s what is happening and how things were achieved. People often forget that things that go between day one and last day of production. But the experience, the marveling at how the product turned out, the sleepless nights, the generation of thoughts and ideas, the changes to be able to achieve better, and that accomplishment itself. Accomplishment is not the results. It’s the process.

One should ask how it was like to be successful. No one can find a definite, certain, and most correct response because we have different ways of looking at things, at success. We were just accustomed and wired to get to the end and produce what is expected of us. Success is beyond. Success is more than just the gains. It’s the relative and unique experience to the individual.

Doing the act itself is just fulfilling, only if society exposes this truth. Along with this, success is just different for each. It cannot be the same. It’s how people attach meanings to every episode in life while trying to accomplish and become successful.

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