Aurum: The Philippine Madrigal Singer’s 50th

“Aurum” is gold in Latin, and so the Philippine Madrigal Singers celebrated its 50th anniversary. The choral group has been the bastion, honorary, and norm in the choral community. I have my fair share of the sweetest choral experience back in my freshman year when I took just one year at UST, and I was a juvenile member of the Chorus of Arts and Letters (also known as the AB Choral) back then. That was the only memory of the choral world I had with the competitions, performances, and random “jamming” along with our pieces while at the park or at a corner at our college building. The Philippine Madrigal Singers (Madz) made me reminisce this.

Thanks to a good school mate who has a few friends in the group, I was able to get a good seat during their golden anniversary concert. At the Cultural Center of the Philippines – Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, December 15, 2013, the whole show was put up for the audience to have that feel of legacy and title as the Madrigal singers in the country. All pieces were executed well. Madz never fail to jazz everything up. They make everything new and original in dynamics and transitions. It was delightful to the ears, and more than just any entertainment to the eyes.

What was heartwarming was their own promise of continuing the legacy, of giving music, and letting it flourish. Their last piece just simply says it all. For as long as there is music, as long as there is a song to sing, there is no getting lost in the way with a brighter day ahead; music is life, and this will set everyone and everything free.

Congratulations to the Philippine Madrigal Singers!

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