Fly as you wish

Routine. It’s everyone’s life. All things couldn’t be any different from the rest, unless a special occasion happens, and everything is still the same. I wake up in, dress-up, and prep-up for work. I head home, I do things what I got used to doing, and just get to bed, hoping for dreamland to at least break the monotony of things. But then, I wake up, still doing the same. Routine.

But we are not made to be robotic in our affairs, be it in the social sphere, or just something contemplative, internal, and personal. We are made to create and imagine. We are built to explore and discover. And in the end, we are supposed conquer ourselves, things, events, and all that life has to apparently offer.

Confinement. It’s a consequence out of a risky choice. We got used to doing things, the same as they should be, every time. We are not gutsy enough to go beyond our routine selves. We might lose a job if we pursue something that makes us extremely excited, making our hearts leap out. We might lose what everyone considers our bearing to survive. We can’t bargain anything for now as our sole purpose is to survive, live, eat, buy stuff, work, earn, and play with routine. We are scared that we kill ourselves within. We limit ourselves to the possibility of becoming great at what we do, or what could plausibly become. We just stay there, in slumber, in the recesses of confinement.

But one day, you will realize that you’ve had it. You’ve had everything. You don’t want to settle for the silent waters and this time, you aim for the currents. You want to reach the highest peak of any mountain. You want to tire yourself walking around the threshold of urbanity and what society thinks is risk. You want to reach places you’ve never been to. You want to try the things you’ve never done. You want to learn a language. You want to take photographs out of your desire to capture just what your heart wants to capture. You want to plunge into the waters and wait until you’re tired of getting wet. You want to overindulge in something that your soul hasn’t felt yet. You want to break free. You become free.

In such confining and limiting world, we often see ourselves seeking. We seek for one thing we don’t exactly know. We can’t define it as bliss. We can’t settle for happiness. We can’t settle for anything that will confine and limit us, throwing us back to routine, to the world we thought was just everything.

Life has so much, but we are just timid to face it. Yes, we ought to work every day, to live, to be able to physiologically survive. But life has so much to put to waste just by seeing it as demarcated within working, earning, and getting ahead of everybody else in monetary standards. There are people who have lives that are worth discovering. There are places that go beyond just taking photos of them just to show-off to people you have enough of traveling in a lifetime. Traveling is about exploring, discovering, and rediscovering, not merely about bragging. There is so much food to taste, from old and heirloom recipes to hole-in-the-wall-restaurant kinds, from never tasted to what people fuss about. There are so many hobbies to try out. Why not go back to what you used to love doing during your childhood, and do it again? Spend on something that you’ve always been hesitant spending. Buy some concert tickets, or perhaps check-out a nearby museum.

The point is, invest on experience more than what you can just hold. It feeds your soul, your anxious seeking for the unknown. It lets you feel that life is not life when it’s within what we are used to. All these can be done within calculated risks. We never lose once we know where we are heading and how we should do it.

The next time there is some sort of awakening from the daily routine, just go for what your gut tells you. You will come back unregretful.

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