Milky & Sunny, just that breakfast haven

For the breakfast lover, just getting up in the morning is a must. For the those who get up just as the sun is half-way through the day, getting a good deal of breakfast meals is a miss-out. But it’s all made possible. Even for the nocturnal, getting that most craved pancakes or rice meals even at night is a reality.

Milky & Sunny just sits along East Kapitolyo Drive, Baranggay Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila. Just at the ground floor, this must-go breakfast nook is always a feel-good place for the breakfast-eater at heart.

The whole ambiance sets the comfort that every breakfast routine is expected to have. The mix of white, blue, and other touches of the ornaments randomly placed on walls, from frames to certain jazzing-up items just simply gives that “I must breakfast now” feel. The place does not accommodate so many a customer, but it’s simply meant for a good serene experience.

For the savory meals, the Breakfast Platter is the best seller. One can opt for a combination of three. For combo item 1, one may choose 3 from hot dog, spam, bacon, sausage, or corned beef. For combo item 2, it’s either a toast, a bagel, a waffle, or a pancake. And to top it all, for combo item 3, one may actually opt for a sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs.

The Eggs Benedict is one good choice. The sunny-side-up is place on top of a prepared sandwich like combo of bacon, tomato, and ham. It’s floating in a certain yoke, sauce mix. Yum.

For the sweet lovers, the pancakes, waffles and French toasts are must-tries. The best among the French toasts, the choco hazelnut happens to be most favorite. Just for a good taste in the middle of the afternoon, a good strawberry milkshake just puts everything together. The pancakes will never fail the breakfast monster in each with different combinations. The best would be the Bananrama, which is the most favorite combination of banana, peanut butter, and a good spread of better and drizzle of maple syrup.

Milky & Sunny has other meals that can accommodate those who prefer other than what breakfast has to offer. But why come to the breakfast haven if not for the well-loved home-cooked style brekky meals?

** For quick delivery anywhere in the metro, they can be reached at 212 – 1212.


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