Last drop of water: La Mesa Eco Park Session

3 As part of the company’s (BackCheck Manila – Checkwell Decisions Inc.) corporate social responsibility objectives, a few took the initiative to take part in the educative tree-planting session and tour at the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. The aim was for awareness and action for those who attended, and this indeed brought out something in each despite hearing the same, un-discussed, and less interesting topic in every day.

A walking tour around the area prompted everyone on some featured trees, include herein some trivial information that somehow spurred everyone to pay attention. The area was rather a breath of freshness, life, and what is something that deserves protection from the possible damage of the current social system.   1 Ending a quite long walk, attendees were then guided to the planting session area.   A couple of videos were shown as the means to readily instill some facts and “realities” that have been neglected by most. What struck me most was the idea of inevitable depletion of natural resources, most especially water. It seemed like a wake-up call for all on what is really going on despite media’s influence and overexposure of sorts. The day basically wrapped itself up with some practical demonstration on how to grow and nurse seedlings with a few basics. It’s a good start for everyone.

4In little and simple ways, one can achieve something that will be passed on from concerned individual to another. In these sessions and activities, one can gain not only the less interesting information, but the many realities that bestow upon us, and that there should be action at the end of the day. We don’t just work for our own living. We also need to take part in society’s sustainability (the ability to sustain) and survival (in order to live).


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