Workplaces across cultures

Since I’ve started working, I would always encounter something new to my culture. It’s nice actually since I get to open my mind to things. First, I’ve worked for a Korean and a Japanese company before servicing online English classes. Right now, I’m working for a Canadian BPO company for human resources services. I do verification and background checks. The job is definitely new, nothing that I am familiar about. And I just realized, my own country does not practice such. As time went by, and I started embarking on further studies, I am starting to make sense of this, not only its purpose but how the entire idea can be applicable in general.


I just learned that doing background checks is part of the hiring process in the Americas. Companies pay a lot just to ensure that their employees good ones. There are several means in the process of selection, and this includes doing background or reference checks. Procedures are rather strict, and this is often done as they are meant to be done.

As with the Korean and Japanese counterparts, it was rather casual, verbal, and less stringent. Selection procedures were less standard, more subjective. Transfers and promotions were made with intent more than some statistical or numerical basis. And this also applies with Filipino companies where there is high informality in terms of the relations with the superiors and those below. There are some sort of soft-relations in the work setting, thus, absenteeism as one problem couldn’t be curtailed or at least found out by the bosses. Employees and bosses tend to be “merciful” at most times.

Now, establishing this set-up, it should be acknowledged that the American or Canadian societies tend to be liberal, free, and open. There is utter freedom to do anything. And thus, implementing stringent measures in all aspect at work is rather necessary. In Asian societies, the idea of being in a family is strongly supported and celebrated. It’s what’s making companies get through. Thus, procedures are rather soft and less imposing. There is mutuality so to say in the general workplace setting. Ironic so to say, but this actually works, well, luckily when cultures just merge or play on submission.

Working for any company entails understanding he whole vibe and culture as it’s the key to survival and staying longer. It’s either on embrace the everyday routine or just simply leave.

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