Reviews: Man of Steel


After all the fuss of the come back of Superman, I just opted to watch it with a friend. I thought I just like the movie as some comforting watch. I have never been a fan of comics, but I am pretty sure I know the popular DC comics characters.

Overall, I would say the Man of Steel was good. It was exciting. Cinematography was exquisite. Scoring was just stellar. I liked it for its refreshing take on the unexpected. Viewers would have thought of the typical cityscape scenes of the superhero and a mutant enemy or nemesis, and the rest of the real world will be saved. But it was rather retrospective and historical for the lack of cinema term. What made it new was it incorporated a good story of the past, where it all began. I just liked the take on a clearer picture of the story of Clark Kent (Kal-Al).

On other hand, I wasn’t that crazy of the whole Sci-Fi, dominating , and intergalactic feel to it. I am probably biased as I am not into the Sci-Fi genre of films. However, second critique I would have to point out is that it felt like it has been repeated in some other movies in recent years. Consider the overall feel of War of the Worlds, Thor, or even The Avengers. This is not to say that there might have been some copycat theme being brought to the plate for the viewers to indulge. It just felt it was going into the mainstream. There were flat scenes also where the characters just snoozed and died down, somewhere in the latter part toward the end. It went plateau at some point. Thanks much to the effects that were all crazy and spectacular though, and it was compensated enough.

To add to the good things in the movie, I would say that Lois Lane was convincing and worth the casting. She had that journalistic feel in her. She wasn’t the typified stringent, all-too-intellectual woman with a too fixed hair-do. She was just that live-by-the-day and wash-and-wear character who could still manage to dress up. It was rather a bit realistic in characterization. 

To conclude, I can say that this might become a trend in themes for some come-back and reboot movies in the future. Some stories might go back to the past and retell everything to bring in a different package all in all. Right after the empowerment of fairy-tale princesses and the anachronisms of sorts, film retrospection might be ‘in’ in no time.

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