To vote is to move

It is a fundamental right, they say, to vote for the leader that will change, sustain, or simply act for the betterment of the country. The right to suffrage is everybody’s means to practice democracy, as every spoken cliche would put it. Voting is a communal activity that sets forth ideals, beliefs, and needs for the betterment of the general public.


But come to think of it, a single vote will change everything. Contrary to elementary logic, voting singly is believed to cause change. I would simplistically reason out that by voting for a single candidate will not at all lead to drastic and miraculous changes. I just thought that it doesn’t make sense since our choice may not be hailed as the winner and chosen. I thought back then that voting is a futile practice of democracy in all its promises.

However, that’s just what is manifest on the surface. I reckon that voting is a collective action that will yield to a majorly, desired result. This is democracy. Whoever gets the popularity appeal necessarily wins. But this is beyond just picking the most desirable. It is the actual practice of voting that lets people participate in a bigger and historic picture of forming the country, regardless of the results that will come in years that will follow, whether anticipated or witnessed. That is the core of living in democracy.

Secondly, the act of voting individually but deciding collectively is a fair participation in the process of forming people and the country. Process comprises parts, and these parts entail the dynamism of contrasting or agreeing principles, ideals, and convictions. The synthesis of all parts will lead to well produced results and decisions. The mere act of posting a photo against or for a candidate in any social media platform is the simplest act of participation. The act of voting for one and not the other marks a community of concerned citizens, reflective of  proactive more than a reactive society. A single act of voting is not accurately useless. The very act is just a projection of life in a democracy. It just shows that there is operation going despite the possibility of not getting what is desired. And besides, action doesn’t end in voting. Voting is just one of the beginnings in proving democracy. Everything will still roll in the actual and continuous process of democracy.

I therefore say that one should vote. It is that wonderful exchange of idea, ideals, and beliefs. The conversation that may lead to a discourse in such a great experience. By voting, we stand for whom we believe can make everything move. By voting we get to decide and think. And by voting, we move so many things.

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