Philippine pageantry


The Filipinos have forever been lovers of show and performance. This may be in any form. Add more to the performance is competition, and it’s a whole lot of activity, cheering, excitement, betting, and all that sparkling jazz.

One of these shows would be pageantry. In every corner of the country, aside from an installed basketball court, there is the beauty contest that would be flocked by most. Filipinos are lovers of beauty, show, and competition. The regionalistic culture is pervading in society, and this motivates the drive for competition. And this goes on and on every year alongside a fiesta.

Recently, the Binibining Pilipinas has just been concluded, and a new Miss Universe contender from the country has been crowned. This is yet another competition that not only the association of the said pageant prepares but the entire Philippines as well. All the luck to the rest, and may our candidate bag the crown.

What is interesting about the cultural landscape in relation to pageantry in the country is how it is espoused by politics. It does not only involve the mere invitation of politicians, personalities, or whosoever in popularity, but it also includes too much association to names and brands. Probably, the Filipino culture is very much congenial and honorary to those who participated in the planning. It would seem that there are several sponsors invited probably because of funding. And relative to international beauty pageants, Philippine pageantry can be exhausting to watch with all the sign-posting of the said sponsors. It would seem that the whole show can be all over the place.

However, people have been used to this. Beauty pageants in the country is not merely a show. It is a showcase of politics. The latent function of pageantry is beyond competition. Rumors have been exposed that there is money involved so to say. Whatever the truth is, the structure of this show of beauties is very much like selling of products, just in a different package. It just involves women merely poised for the entertainment of most, at times embarrassment, just for the opportunistic goal of popularity, marketing, and politics.

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