Everything is literally Cereal



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Food business is always a challenge more than a fun venture. Some would say selling food will last for a lifetime since people need to stuff themselves more than just be capricious over other things. But in reality, to thrive in a vast choice of food varieties and ideas, one needs to step it up and introduce anything new and different.

Cerealicious, such a fancy ice-cream parlor, is different from the sprawling milk teas and yogurt shops. For the cereal lovers, this is the haven. What is so interesting about this is, first, the names of the mix of orders has been played around in such a way that it would be associated clearly to a movie, thereby making it retentive and fun. The mixes were all random from fruits and toppings to ice crushed treats and of course, the cereal.

Secondly, it was even more interesting that the ice cream hub seem to serve savory meals like pasta and likes of the cordon bleu. Furthermore, they cook these with the incorporation of thecereal. For instance, the fried chicken strips on top of the pesto is covered in cornflakes breading. Other dishes have their own twist with the ingredient-involvement of cereal.

For reviews, I would say the ice cold treats were good for the summer. It wasn’t that creamy tasting, but it was good enough to survive through a scorching hot day. The toppings and cereals added the flavor.

This ice cream parlor has its own twist and turn, and I guess this will stand unique from the rest. Just the concept and idea is giggling, but the question lies in how customers embrace it. For me, just that creativity is already a win. I guess I would be coming for the meals and perhaps a cup of one of the mixes.

Photo Credit: [Featured photo: www.beeconomic.com.ph]


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