Mah legit religion…

Recently, while taking my midnight “lunch” brought about by my full time job’s fixed night shift, I overheard a rather humorous conversation on religion, yet still, incorporating religion as it is. It wasn’t to mock or play blasphemy or anything. One guy explained that he could not eat anything that has pig-blood as an ingredient in it. ‘Dinuguan’, a Filipino favorite, was given as an example. He happens to be in the Iglesia ni Kristo. Another guy then shared that he has a friend who smokes and drinks a lot, but is part of the same church. Another made mention of  a gay friend in the Mormon church (being gay is just non-conforming to religion. I just want to put it that way. Being gay is one-sided abominable, and not necessarily socially factual.) I left the food stand with their last exchange bringing about the idea of the banning of drinking coffee in one guy’s religion. I didn’t further eavesdrop as my break was over. But this just made me laugh in my head but made me think at the same time.


The diversity of faith and beliefs makes society dynamic. The difference also contradicts. At times, this becomes a leading cause to conflicts. But in this particular scenario, guys were engaging in the idea of still upholding one’s faith despite the flaws and differences. They simply took it lightly when one’s faith, in fact, should be taken lightly in inspiration.

Religion is meant to inspire and not breed anger. But there are some that strongly advocate for their own even though it means going against other religions. The world is a dynamic interchange of spirituality and faith. It is essential in the every day lives of people. By humoring around practices and taboos, people don’t necessarily mean defiance. It actually means having open discussions and thereby allowing better understanding. We get to have different perspectives in line with religion. It is just like studying literature by using movies. It’s just a medium.

Up until now I still keep wondering what religion would ever not allow drinking coffee. I still think it’s funny though, but perhaps caffeine is non-sacred to the members of that particular church.

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