Just a Woman

March marks the month for women in the Philippines, and the 8th of the same month as the international women’s day.

I have always regarded a woman as an essential company of my every day life. They have been a big part of who I have become. I have seen my mom tirelessly work and head home still working to attend to us back then. I have seen how she can just handle everything in her life. I have established a good relationship with girl friends, and I have come to understand their dispositions. I have even felt their sentiments.

Some time in college, I just affirmed this gusto to enlighten and to be enlightened. With so many issues surrounding women, I have somehow instilled in me that belief that by applying what I have come to realize and believe, I can contribute in this change.

Right before I became impulsive coming up with a simple video, I came across a TED lecture that was on Youtube on the objectification of women. Carol Heldman tackled in her simplest manner, and this was empowering for women. Maintaining the same line of argument with a light take on the issue in hand, and the means of crude documentary, I was able to make a video that exposes the concept of beauty and self. I just met and gathered women I closely know, and I just fired random, listed questions.

The video didn’t have any journalistic stand or angle to it. It was just a day-to-day like conversation that in the end made me have a better grasp of the idea of beauty.

Questions were quite engaging and yes, easy to respond to. I thought there was no direction with what I was making at first. I thought what the girls said were all random, and that I wouldn’t see any association or consistency, and that it would be difficult to get something from what they had told me. I went through the videos individually to think that there were 10 women and at most, 10 questions. And this is what I have to say.

1. Source of beauty

Beauty is something that comes from within. It is not merely  a matter of what is seen outside. One ought to feel and believe she is beautiful to own up to it, and that so many can actually see it. It is internal and emotional so to say. Beauty then becomes once one believes it.

2. Synthesis of beauty

In the process of interviewing the women, I thought beauty has an essentially different definition. It is something bare and barren. There has to be something to add in the form of clothes, make-up, or what not; or there has to be that flawed element that should be removed, and this is in the form of excess of what is normative beautiful. And so women want to lose weight and some “body” job to become perfect. Beauty is that which one can augment or reduce.

This is interesting because beauty, though it may come from within, still isn’t enough. As one of the women in the video said, a face is like an empty canvass.

3. Survival and beauty

To be beautiful is necessary because one gets to do what she can in the world, and looking good makes you stand out and speak up louder. You get to stand with attention once you are beautiful. The idea of primarily looking good before anything else to be able to move, act, speak up out there captures the purpose of beauty for these women.

Beauty & Self

As I finished the editing and the half-a-day uploading on Youtube, I thought that these women see themselves in  resignation. They often seem themselves fulfilled just by staying beautiful. Their aspirations remain to be confining and resting. This is not to argue against something, but I think, because of how society constructs women and womanhood, many thought of settling themselves in that when in fact they can be more.

I believe in women so much in the same way that I believe in my mom. I once asked her about her dreams. She said she wanted to become an actress, a good communicator, or someone in media if given the opportunity to break away from her disposition. I just think that society is limiting these women more. At times, it’s not enough to say that women are joining the workforce or governance. The idea has to be instilled.

Though the construction of beauty may seem just the expected and accepted, I find it bothersome at some point because these ladies have ambitions. Some of them express their desire to become their goals and projected future selves. But they tend to be in resignation and slumber because of the construction that they ought just to live solely as women.

I do think that this project I made have little impact to change as this I have taken so lightly, without the motivation to incite. But I would say this is a start for me to get into more essential issues. I just believe that by starting out with the basic constructions, society can make such foundation for change.

But this is to praise and pay tribute to all women in the world, especially to my mom and the closest of my girl friends. You have shaped and propelled the world, and I give this all back to you


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