I’m coming out!

Coming out has since become a trend among celebrities and personalities. Good thing for them they have the influence in media that they don’t have to worry about their image. Viewers tend to embrace their identities as they have always had a good image. And somehow, this has become the usual. Though it may still come as a shock to some, to the rest, it’s just what’s happening.

Recently, a Youtube sensation Sebastian Castro, who started out as a Cosmo hunk on Cosmopolitan has come out on a video. He explains that he once was kicked out of their house because his parents were religiously devout, and it was found out he was gay. He took off and went to school. What triggered such popularity was a video that was planned out for 10 years. Composed by Sebastian himself, the video entitled “Bubble” was about losing one’s gay virginity. The video reached 300,000 hits to date.

Now, what does this mean to the LGBT community? Well, this is another coming out moment following the biggest so far of BB Gandanghari. The usual reaction of girls was just dismay. But for the gays, it means another celebration. The more people are coming out, the better it is as the hetero-normative people will see that there are a lot out there who are still behind closets. This imposes the fact that homosexuality is a reality and a life and not just a lifestyle.

Also, the more different people are coming out of the closet, the broader the identity of homosexuals is, homosexuality breaking away from the normative notion that gays are the beautifying stylists in salons. The more different personalities of gays come out, the better it is to understand the culture. It could send the message that to be gay is just an ordinary day for most. And this may forward the cause of the LGBT community.

However, all these celebrity-coming-out scenarios don’t necessarily translate to tolerance and empathy. Basically, it’s just a facade image that it’s fine. Truth be told, people just submit to acceptance because it is commonly happening, and the guy still looks good anyway without even understanding where this is coming from. Why are they coming out anyway? Is it just some fad or trend, which media sensationalizes for the sake of media popularity? The media goes for the controversial. Once this dies down, it won’t even be given much attention. The idea is to instill the principle and cause. The stigma still stays there.

Photo credit: [Featured: http://www.redhot.org]


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  1. I hate to even admit it, and it annoys me to no end, but this song is excessively catchy – a situation which has forced me to listen to it more times than I care to admit… :/

    1. nicomagsalin says:

      moving i should say, despite the simplicity it has.

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