Election enterprise

I don’t want to get behind all the election fever going on. I just want to at least have a general say before everything brews up for the upcoming elections.

To vote is a democratic right though it is not mandatory. It is a good exercise of the freedom to choose the leader that has the ability to change or sustain the future. It is one thing that strengthens not only democracy but the people. And it should be done as much as possible.


In the country, no matter how serious democratic voting is put, the story is massively different. The campaign period will always be a long-running event that most would look forward. It is not about the interplay of platforms that matter. It is the gimmickry that is set in motion. I would liken this period to a fiesta. Baranggays and subdivisions will be resounding with the voices of the candidates. Music is played here and there. Giveaways are a must as though it would change the lives of people. And everything is a clear show.

This is one form of marketing. Candidates seem to intoxicate the people, setting a mark right before the elections. And they makes use of psychology, branding, videography, appropriate photography, and theatrics. Definitely, it is more fun in the Philippines come election time. There is the idea of luring people to voting using the medium that is the most effective regardless if the candidate has a say or not.

What this means is subjective voting is most likely celebrated. People are so easy to lure to popularity and the promise held by the popular. Probably, the Filipinos are fun loving and fiesta-engaging people. This then sets a behavioral pattern. Consider on second thought collective voting as opposed to conscientious decision on who to vote. The act of actually voting has become less cerebral and objective.

It’s not that there is something wrong about this, but for once, we should vote on what we think can change everything. I understand that democratic voting entails choosing whom one thinks is the right one. But getting swayed by these theatrics is not conscious voting.

To vote democratically is to vote consciously.

Until the next blog for the elections…

Photo credit: [ lesbicrafty.blogspot.com, Featured photo: http://rimban.wordpress.com]


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